SQUID GAME Ending Explained | All Death Games Explained | Season 1 Full Recap

In this video ill be explaining the events that take place in the new hit Netflix series, SQUID GAME! We’ll be going over the major plot points for each episode and explaining what the ending means for a possible season 2!

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  1. I just wait until there's a recap so I won't invest my time in so many episodes.

  2. I found it so sad when ji-young ( I think it was something like that name) /240 gave up her life for Kang Sae-bouq (again I think her name was something like that)!) So she hoped she could get to Jeju island and help her family.

  3. If you play close attention , the director has left clues , like how in the first game, the old man didn't have a green /red glow , so he would have been safe the entire time,when the brutal lights out attack occurred, it was only stopped when the old man yelled for the guards to interfere. In the scene of the books of the past games, the records in the past start , with number one, bur the current game starts with number 2 . There was a bottle of water next to the old man when it's shown he's seemingly wet himself , and the village used for the marble game was the old man's childhood village , and other thing that show that the old man was in control the entire time.

  4. THANK YOU for calling the tracksuits green. I thought I was going crazy with everyone calling them blue

  5. Ending “explained” of just reiterated. I just didn’t feel like I learned anything new. I get we all view it differently but nothing new in perspective was introduced

  6. I feel like sang-woo knew that the umbrella was a bad choice because you would have to cut it out if he didn’t tell Gi-hun because he knew. But weren’t they friends? so he should have told him

  7. Clickbait title! Waste of time if you don't give an explaination.

  8. “Let’s hope Mr. beast don’t get any ideas”


  9. Let’s hope mrbeast gets no ideas from this

    only if you knew

  10. Squid game it's just a series, it's not real

  11. You know what would be a good series, is the vice versa to happen. Take all of the wealthy, 1%, the elite, etc. & put them into this type of game to see which of the "elite" would win. These types of themes have been over played. It's time to do the opposite.

  12. カザマカズヨシ / 風真一義 says:

    “Better live penniless than survive for money”.

  13. D gun Crescent flash lighter would make more sense in America

  14. The fact that he has red hair makes think that he will be one of the red guys but wont be revealed until the end which means in season 2 he might not be the main charcter but a different person will be the main character and either they will be friends or against but i think they will be friends and work togather

  15. The last scene made my thoughts on gi hun change instantly

  16. Still concerning why you would want to go BACK to that place after you were treated like a horse-racer even after being TOLD it was LIKE horseracing only to know who the front man was and what the point of everything was even though he stated his name and birth and is now participating in the game.

  17. Let’s hope MR beast doesn’t get any bright ideas

  18. Much of Squid Game‘s final hour is set outside the world of the arena—this time, a year following the events of the bulk of the show. So what else is there to uncover? 👉https://youtu.be/TCiei2uULJE

  19. The asylum clip took me out, terrified 😅🤣

  20. Wtf you literally narrated the game where's he explanation ?????

  21. As a v white American I don’t mind when recap video Americanize the characters names for simplicity but I appreciate you using their names even tho it takes me a sec to process lolol

  22. For the glass game they all could have survived by walking on the 2 inner metal rails holding the glass

  23. I think this show has a lot of nuance to it, it’s a shame that it got meme’d to oblivion

  24. Why are the bad rich guys all old white guys ?!

  25. "Lets hope Mr. Beast doesnt get any bright Ideas" Also Mr. Beast: "The last person to make it to the end, wins 465'000 $!"

  26. I didn't watch the series but from what is explained is shown that "the rich people" are entertained and amuzed by deaths of ordinary and poor people. They only believe in money as"money rules the world" qoute. Kind of sick…

  27. 27:14 crazy how you brought up the comparsion between jigsaw and the old man

  28. We find out you have sh#t ur pants on the games we die😂😅

  29. after seeing 399 people dying, he became rich, went to a salon and turned to a Super Saiyan God Red.

  30. When i first saw squid game i thought it would be so scary and i never watched it but when i was on tiktok i saw vids of squid game and thought maybe i should watch it so yeah i did and i don't regret my decision

  31. the funny part in honeycomb is when gi hun looks at the umbrella and says "im dead 💀 "

  32. Sae byok's death got me sobbing 😭😭

  33. this was amazing! great work. saw this channel grow from 100 to 2.4k. i feel like a proud subscriber 😢

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