Squid Game Explained In 14 Minutes

Squid Game Explained in 14 Minutes With A Sense of Humour #squidgame #netflix

Squid Game Explained In 14 Minutes


  1. atleast give some credit to the origin poster for those of u who don’t know, its josh song.

  2. Capitalist psychopathy seems to be spreading.

  3. never watched the show and choose not to, but watched a review to get full storyline. Your video came up, and it is great content. 10/10, exactly what i came for and was not disappointed. Never change, Movie On. you’re goated forever

  4. The funniest part is “if you think racism ok I take hand away”

  5. bro its so sad how that dude with the black mask just killed his brother

  6. I'm here cuz josh song deleted his movie vids

  7. Thank you for doing this, you save me a lot of time watching

  8. What's his name the original uploader of the vid

  9. I just realized that the businessman who recruits people is the guy from Train to Busan

  10. Review was alright except for the racist ridicule of Asian accents. Video should be flagged.

  11. 1.favorite parts😂😂🎉
    1.this ain’t America baby 😂
    2.why you running
    3.another man can’t have a prettier hair than me.YEET.
    4.if you think racism ok I take your hand away 😂😂
    5.i really don’t like her
    6.eww does she really think that’s attractive
    8.wont you look at that there bonding
    9they did my guy dirty 😢
    10.ayo who is curtain onions my guy😂😂
    11.ini mini mini mo what ever happens I still fall 😂😂

  12. brilliant round up, but was there any need for the semi racist accents ?

  13. This show was halfway between disgustingly brutal and over the top anime cringe. Couldn't bring myself to stomach it, but I guess the story isn't the worst thing ever if retold like this.

  14. "the main character passes the test because he's the main character"

    truer words have never been spoken

  15. Our vice president said she binge watched this over a series'of several weeks. Wteff

  16. This bar none is the best review of a series I have seen in a long, long time…

  17. I've not watched this movie but Googled it up quickly to understand a Mr Beast video. Sounds like the movie "Rat Race" but with horror and complex plot. Thank you for explaining

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