Squid Game Explained In Telugu | Ultimate Survival Thriller | Filmy Geeks

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Squid Game Explained In Telugu | Ultimate Survival Thriller | Filmy Geeks
Squid Game is the ultimate Survival thriller that went viral on netflix. This Web Series Will definitely blow your mind. Take a look at our explanation.


  1. Hamaya time waste cheyakunda, 10 mins lo oka series chusaanu

  2. ఫ్యామిలీ పిల్లలు తొ కలిసి చూడొచ్చ అడల్ట్ ఏమైనా ఉందా ప్లీజ్ రిప్లై బ్రొ

  3. Master class show and mind ××××××× game experience 💥💥💥

  4. Total 8 hours 17 min 🎥🎥 45.6 billion prize money 456 participants only one winner 🏆🎉🏆 really good

  5. Vinadaniki em bagaledu kaani choosthe mind block aipothumdi ante

  6. The game is very denger 😨 but very interesting 😏

  7. Police charecter gurinchi inka body organs amme episode gurinchi doctor gurinchi cheppaledu .

  8. Borapadu series raa babu😳😳😳

  9. ,😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  10. Korean directors ki hatsoff cheppali thoughts are excellent money heist signal tarvatha naa fav multi language series idhi

  11. Ali…. Very emotional character… 😔

  12. Thopu web series Director thinking Super
    Finale Money heist aina akkadakkada bor koduthundi but Squid game yekkada bor kottadu

  13. ప్లేయర్ ప్లేయర్ కి మధ్యలో గొడవ జరుగుతున్నప్పుడు ముసలోడు అంత పైకి ఎక్కిన అప్పుడే అనుమానం వచ్చింది

  14. Body parts removing miss ayyav bro…
    Genuine ga adali ani doctor ni champestaru

  15. బుర్ర పాడు మూవీ 5/5*************

  16. Oh my god entha dangers game nenu ekkada chudala

  17. E series amedulo vastiae bro please tell me

  18. Last 3 episodes baguntantayee migitaa episode boring

  19. నాకు ముందే ముసలోడు మీద డౌట్ ఉండేది బ్రో. అందుకే క్లైమాక్స్లో అంత కిక్ అనిపించలేదు 👍😉

  20. surrr superrooo ssuususus superooo surrrrruuu suuper oo suuuu suus suparoo

  21. Big Boss Chetta show squid game mundu.. 😅😂🤣🤣

  22. Money is not greater than humanity …moral of this series..

  23. Disappointed, as the episodes progress, I sincerely thought they would show the reason why those games are organized in such a way that the audience would shake and their perception of what is right and what is wrong will be deeply questioned, but finally it turns out to be just another mockery of Hollywood's movies with bloodshed by showing it as ultra Rich's gambling games.

  24. Super bayya chala existing ga vuntadhi more interesting every scene

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