Squid Game Final Game & WINNER Rock Paper Scissors The Challenge Episode 10 Finale Season 1

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  1. I was really rooting for the guy, he mentioned he hopped from job to job and was broke and that sounds a lot like me.

  2. I was rooting for Mai since episode 6🎉

  3. I hope Mai’s generosity makes her donate at least $10,000 to the finalists

  4. Mai is a survivor. I hope season 2 is just as entertaining.

  5. The most annoying person in the world wins

  6. Surely she didn’t deserve to win!🫤👎

  7. Didn’t like her, she plays the sweet old lady but she’s a manipulator, secondly she likes like she’s doing the nazi sign everytime she does paper 😂

  8. The OG show had some really inventive games, and then we get rock paper scissors as the finale. Ugg what a let down. Many of the previous games, like the cookie, I'm thinking why don't they just rock paper scissors for the shapes? For the 3 buttons, just rock paper scissors? Now I know why, the producers probably didn't let them because they were saving it.

  9. Crazy last game 😅 hope she sorts out the ones that helped her get to that point

  10. wow what a good real life show!
    Congratulations Mai!

  11. People come down. It is all scripted.

  12. pathetic set up
    See how real people are happy for 100000 $. She played happined like an actress would do. Each of us would scream and jump

  13. I'm not gonna lie I really didn't want her to win I was hoping Phil would win

  14. I don't like the fact that it's luck based.

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