Squid Game – How to Survive 1st GAME! (Minecraft Squid Game)

Today in Minecraft we start a new series on Squid Game a new netflix show. Squid Game is a show where the characters are put on a game show and have to compete against other players for the grand cash prize. If a player loses they are ELMINATED! We have transformed the Squid game world into minecraft and start our adventure off with red light green light.

Creator of squid Game skins:

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Squid Game – How to Survive 1st GAME! (Minecraft Squid Game)


  1. Scripted and Fake. I definitely saw the main crew moving after red light, but only the nameless characters were shot. It's rigged! I CALL SHENANIGANS! SHENANIGANS!

  2. I miss the old Atlantic Craft in the lucky block area

  3. For years i am really dumb that i forgot to subscribe pls dont be mad😞😞

  4. Cody I might be wrong but rename the series and your words or I think you'll get copyrighted dude, I can't see that cone on I live with your videos

  5. Whats on your hearts Story hearts or Hardcore Hearts?

  6. Mr beast was in the name list this must be where he gets his money

  7. The eye when you tape the screen it looks like

  8. Dude I've been watching you for years you're like a MAJOR part of my childhood

  9. These men are virtually proficient one's. love your video

  10. Baby blooper is bob his voice gives him away

  11. This channel I watched when I was younger, love how it's still alive, keep up the amazing work.

  12. OMG-! I used to watch the Atlantis vids! Haven’t seen you guys in forever!

  13. i know it's roleplay so my idea doesn't effect anything BUT only the triangle guys have the guns the circles have melee and the square has the AR and speaks for everyone SOi think there's enough people to overpower the two gunmen and a couple of melee users

  14. bruh the girl that has a crush on kannible or something kinda weird gotta say

  15. Did anyone see CaptainDeadlock if you even know him 1:34
    Also mr.beast and pewdiepie 14,15 2:54

  16. Cody S tier roleplay my I would love to see another episode also your Pixelmon vids are funny and intense so please keep going with those

  17. People actually remember that dumb show from cartoon network?

  18. How come many poeple likes squid game why do poeple watch someone die

  19. Ive been watching you for 3 or 4 years but im a kid so i cant join the group thing 🙁

  20. Give me a video give me one West college Jason

  21. Why was mrbeast and pew pew die name on it

  22. Isn't the guy who used to plays as captain deadlock in collage

  23. Professor Pikalus: Cody did you seriously have me died in the first episode of this minecraft squid game

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