Squid Game is kinda dumb

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He’s All That destroyed my last remaining brain cell

that new Cinderella movie is the dumbest thing you’ll ever see…

Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets doesn’t make any sense…

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  1. never watched it. seemed like toy store Battle Royale (Which is a movie I'd like you to do)

  2. I really enjoyed this show until the final episode and then it kind of just dove off a cliff. I've seen the idea explored much better elsewhere.

  3. I never watched squid games like o tried to watch it and the beginning was just ugh stop immediately let me watch Seinfeld this is painful so I gave up immediately

  4. No one said the squid games were for kids…. They just assumed because they played kids games it clearly said tv -MA if you take time look it up

  5. eh, never watched it, probs never gonna. just not interested in it at all. same with Game of thrones, Walking dead, Breaking bad, Stranger things etc. They dont peak my interest at all

  6. hahahaha right at the start.. You feel the same way about Squid game as I do about Parasite. Fine movie on it's own, but the "it's some deep think piece on this and that" nonsense LOL

  7. Please tell me you didn't actually watch this entire show in the English dub…

  8. nah but the concept of poor ppl and rich ppl being bored is actually bull. like how are poor ppl bored we have to worry about the next paycheck, worry about our families as well as providing food and shelter. Rich ppl are just bored. So bored to the point where they would hold games like this and watch ppl risk themselves because they have nothing else.




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  10. Squid games was Booooooooriiiiiiing!

  11. Why do y’all watch these shows in dub???? It doesn’t reflect correctly what is being said, talking about tone and emotions, sounds fucking horrible

  12. I would love you to do a critique of Uncanny Counter. A million years ago, I got a film degree. I swore I’d never watch anymore movies with subtitles…well, I watched Uncanny Counter. I thought it was great!! Loved it! Would enjoy hearing your take❤️Sandy

  13. I haven’t fully watched it yet 😅

  14. There’s a new show in 2023 future comment it’s a game show squid game.

  15. Honestly, no one watches your videos to hear you praise them. Lol. People watch them because you offer a different perspective that may be independent of your personal view, which is fine and dandy! Love your videos!

  16. Did u know 69 is what mrbeast considers a weird number

  17. 2 years later no one cares lol

  18. Why I didnt watch any squidgame after the first one 😂

  19. I'm gonna say it; removing this show from its incredibly obvious; in your face; over the top class discourse is super dumb. At this point it's not "subtext". it's the show. It's like the purge; the political discourse within is "taking the show at face value", like you can't make it any less subtle and if people still don't want to see it there's nothing we can do for them at this point. I suppose the person making the video is playing dumb purposefuly but like how can you enjoy the show at all if all of this is not obvious? I mean I guess you have to be mister beast or the netflix execs who made a live version to not "get it" but that's more cynicism at this point. The show is good and cathartic because of its discourse. like the whole purge series. like many Korean flicks because Korean movie makers are good at this shit (see Train to Busan; Parasites of course). Nobody cares if the premise makes little sense.

  20. I found squid games absolutely boring. Really never got why it was so popular

  21. These rich people scene is not unrealistic my dude. They are just simple people with giant ego. Their jokes are also dumb. But they can do bigger things. And that's all. For me these scenes are very good. Poor people are just the numbers, not the real people.

    But overall this movie is pretty realistic. I mean they should just kill the winner at the end, there is no reason to spend this amount of money for this. And yeah, you can kill like 10-30 people without bigger reaction of police, happened in history many times. But if 300+ people multiple time die without explanation then it's too much to maintain. I mean, maybe in very corrupted poor country. I can imagine something like this for short period of time. One of the best movies. Not perfect for sure.

  22. I dont like a lot of brutal deaths and that being turned into games, no thanks 🤢

  23. It always weirds me out when I see the Squid Game Funko Pop figures.
    It's a figure in a red suit with black cover on the face and your choir of the white circle, white triangle or white square on the black facial cover.

  24. 2 years late but you're nuts for watching the dubbed version. There is no good dubbed version, that's why the show sucked for you

  25. .. I feel like there was an entire first half of this video that just doesn't exist.

  26. I wanted to appreciate how accurate your video is but I'm too lazy to type an entire para…so 💯

  27. It’s not dollars Alex Myers it’s Juan and it would be converted to be 33 million and some extra numbers in dollars

  28. I think the main reason Squid Game got as big as it did was particularly because of the declining quality of media intthe west. People will latch onto anything with any semblance of "quality", even if it's not really that good. Prime example, Andor. I think the show is way overhyped, but it came out during a drought of good Star Wars content, and thus appears significantly better by comparison. It's still mid and massively overhyped, though.

  29. Alex, I don’t think I told you how much I adore the fact that you’re my age group (80s baby) and you sit here and bring up our childhood nostalgia all the fcking time. I adore you sir, thank you! 🥹🥹😂😂

  30. The show was entertaining, but it's pretty lazy and hamfisted as a commentary on politics, economics, and society. I'm not sure why anyone would expect serious and deep commentary from a show like this, but it's even more strange that people think that lazy caricatures is somehow deep and insightful.

  31. why you slimy son of a…. WHY SO MANY SPONCORES

  32. the BIGGEST mistake you made was using the english dub

  33. Dub is shit compared to sub. The acting is more impactful.

  34. im late to this show but I watched squid game before alll episodes had dub if I remember so seeing the dub now instead of sub I feel like I should have hated the show cause when youre watching sub of a show you dont understand the language of and youre reading something to urself you tend to justify it as u read in your head

  35. it is kinda dumb. I would recommend brave new world

  36. Hey all hope you liked the video.

    A while ago I made a video about movies and tv shows I would never make videos about.

    And I said that I wouldnt do foreign ones because, mainly, I didnt think they would work with my video format.

    So with this video Im trying something different from my usual style.

    If it goes over well then maybe Ill do more like this, or at least change up the video style sometimes or something

    Anyway let me know what you think

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