Squid Game meets countries

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Inspired by the now famous show Squid Game, this video touches the subject of the ridiculously high debts some countries have. Enjoy this Squid Game animation!
Also, small trivia: when the balls talk about the % of their debts, they are referring to their debt with respect to the % of their GDP (gross domestic product).

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The Melancholy Waltz – Howard Harper-Barnes:


  1. America: enters squid game
    Squid game personnel: aight ima head out

  2. finnaly Portugal getting the love he deserves

  3. How come he got shot but he didn’t even move💀💀

  4. I love you @MrSpherical ad more of romania all the love from romania expecialy to my naibor Serbia

  5. “PULL THE F**** ROPE”
    Im wondering about that part?🤔

  6. I love how people that are from America say that Mexico is poor and make fun of it until I show them americas dept and they shut up 😂

  7. Oh I'm telling ya what you own to us B**CH. Got me laughing

  8. Singapur'u arkadan görünce Macaristan sandım😂😂😂


  10. "Pull harder, God ***mmit! I'm not leaving this place without that money! You hear me?! Now pull the ****ing rope!" Got me dying 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Can't believe my country is there so rare to see it

  12. My favorite squid game song is Fly me to the moon

  13. What country’s where the masked men tho….

  14. Why was Singapore a ball good you changed it

  15. In history I have learned a ancient Greece 🇬🇷 and I'm in year 5

  16. UK be like: I need that money and I hope USA is not there
    Japan be like: why?
    Uk be like: because if he says fIsH fOoD I would be like gOd DaM iT 🇺🇸

  17. Guys I see palau was been killed 🇵🇼

  18. Nice detail you put America, a host number 1

  19. I’m pretty sure Squid Game’s cash reward is a million dollars which would barely make a dent in the US’ debt so….

  20. I am from Greece and this is a little bit of truth

  21. Yugoslavia being 006 is crazyyyyyyy 💀

  22. America instantly went down there like give me the money now

  23. You finally added Singapore!!!!!!

    I'm so happy

  24. The lion mask on china 💀💀💀💀

  25. Yay! For once Singapore is not a triangle!!!!!😁😍🥰😄

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