SQUID GAME Mod in Among Us!

Sub found out a way to bring Netflix’s Squid Game in Among Us! In this mod, crewmates play Red Light, Green Light, if you move you die!

BOYFRIEND EXE IMPOSTOR Mod in Among Us! (Friday Night Funkin) :

#AmongUs #Mod #SquidGame #RedLightGreenLight

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  1. Study I want to place squid game with you but I have to wait $30

  2. That was surprisingly entertaining. Well done!

  3. I just saw purple move wen its red light

  4. Your content is great and beautiful I also create content Among us..

  5. If I was in school game and I finished and there was so many people left I would just cover the dolls eyes

  6. AYO CAN I HAVE CHICCY NUGGIES? btw dat meen shout out ive subbed 🙂

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  8. minisoria bills payment and remittance center says:

    I already subscribed

  9. I hope they actually add a map that says squid game, and you can play all 6 games, and if you win they give you 45,600 money or points that let you buy pets, skin, hats, etc. It would take a while thought cause you still need 456 players, by the way each player's budget is 100$ and eveytime someone dies 100$ gets added to the piggy bank until it reaches 45,600$. Like if you think this is cool

  10. "i think they are actaully gonna finish the tasks"

    task bar: are you sure about thhat?

  11. dude the milking of popular things is insane in 2021

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