SQUID GAME Mod in Among Us…

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Today the crewmates have to compete in the dreaded Squid Game and face off against the Doll, the shape-masked guards, and the villainous Front Man! Who will win and take home the cash? Let’s find out!

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  1. Bruh, MrCheese is literally the opposite of a nerd. He is an adorable idiot, like Veteran!

  2. Playstation buttons remind me of something. I got a PS5

  3. Why is it called squid game is there’s no squid

  4. Did mr.cheese say "warte warte warte warte" in tug o war vs hunter?

  5. 2:24 *captain push’s dum into the idk*(dum gaurd and captain ): hahahahaahhahaa!

  6. If you pause when mother is checking who’s alive you can see a gray person aka squid man

  7. How did bday died he has an extra lives

  8. LOL in 2:24 captain was so kind the squid game guard didn't even kill him

    Captain:save yourself


    Me:I played it like almost 1000 times

  9. Mother: It’s raining PlayStation buttons!

  10. What’s your favourite character out of all of the gametoons in among us my is mr cheese

  11. I thought that the front man was going to be in this in the there's going to be two guys but that's one card just shooting the players why

  12. BDay: help me plsssssssssss
    mohaers babys: no mommy
    aiden: why do i have to die im novisor
    novisor in aiden: bruh aiden you just have to let me outttttttttt
    safarwe: bruh im the 1 one to die
    mohaer: why is the kid on my head green?
    captain: yessssss i win the 34 mi money
    aidens gohst: you wer righr novisor
    novisor: yep im right
    hunter: this is why i hate squid game

  13. Mother: It’s RaInInG PLaYSTaTiOn Buttons

  14. I loved when captain pushed dum and The guard laughs 2:20

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