Squid Game | Official Teaser | Netflix

Netflix | Squid Game
“This is just a game.”
45.6 billion won. 456 contestants
stake their lives on childhood games
Squid Game, coming this September 17, only on Netflix

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Squid Game | Official Teaser | Netflix

Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits — with deadly high stakes.


  1. Holy shit this acting is so fucking cringe and annoying. The only two persons I like rn are the pocket thief and the police man. I'm at episode 4.

  2. Don't watch this teaser and trailer and any spoiler.
    Go watch it directly you won't regret it.

  3. Reports: Netflix CEO gets BUSTED with 13,000 files of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY…and he owns Danny's pizza gate and they make mcdonalds hamburger from the baby flesh

  4. STUPID! , gawd so much dumbass followers on the internet . lol

  5. This gave me Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor vibes

  6. I relate to this dude so much. Just started this show and it’s all I can think about now.

  7. Asia movies are on a whole high level, thank you

  8. I love Asain and I’m Asain too

  9. Jesus Christ is coming, are you ready to meet your maker?

  10. Series is 10 time better than this teaser

  11. Squid games proved that, you don't need to show your skin to become famous.

  12. This is easily one of the best series ever

  13. me watching the whole 9 episodes in one night from 3am to 11pm and now i'm sad cause it ended

  14. can you make a squid game honeycomb bakery in dubai and adults will go here also emirates airport and headquarters pls ok

  15. This would’ve been way different if it was made when the director first got the idea.

  16. TV series had started of all for kdrama introduce worldwide

  17. MRBEAST MADE A SQUIDGAME REPLICA AND IN 1 WEEK IT REACHED 130M view Netflix really messed the agreement they should allow mrbeast make a series but they didn’t now suffer

  18. 1:21 Lee Jung-jae look a lot like Jang Dong-gun from the movie called the warrior's way and he is south korea and they both same age looks like twins but really wow

  19. 1:21 Lee Jung-jae look a lot like Jang Dong-gun from the movie called the warrior's way and he is south korea and they both same age looks like twins but not really and wow

  20. its so crazy to think that everyone in this warehouse in the green jumpsuits dies except for Gi-Hun

  21. Who is come from after watch gobi _ suthakar parithavankal.

  22. I watched all the 9 episodes like 2 months ago but, the first ep. 1 was kinda boring. Just Gi-Hun and his mom, but in ep.2 it got a little more interestng. And the rest, AMAZING. but episode 4 and 8 and 9. OOF. ep.4 well…. Bathroom scene thingy.. d3vils t2ngo. And ep.8 and 9 were just sad. Like Oh-il nam died (not really sure if he did) and Gi-Hun grew his beard and got a hqircut to red.


  24. How can i see Squid Game except Netflix?

  25. I know that this is based off From A lot of Kids games Back then but…
    It's like Netflix's Own Version of SAW. But with Guards and a Island with Kids Games..
    Am i right or Wrong? That maybe Like Adding a little bit of Horror to the Mix.

  26. चौधर हाल हाल लोग लोग लोग जान जान लोग जान लोग जान लोग जान लोग जान लोग जान लोग जान हाल हाल लोग नींद लोग नींद लोग

  27. Omg, I like the red light boy is pick the 456 players dress and wow,is not die omg

  28. what the background music because its really good

  29. All of you in this room are living on the edge with debts you just can't pay off. In order to play fair, we can't disclose any information on the games beforehand.

  30. This show could go on for 20 seasons and still keep me interested

  31. Who else thinks gi hun is the cutest one in the series ❤️🥰

  32. i used to love this movie back then and still love it!

  33. រាត្រី រន្ធត់ says:

    People forget this show so fast.

  34. I did not watch the show when it came out, only recently watched it, it is an amazing show and would highly recommend watching it if you haven't already.

  35. Watches trailer * twitches* goes checks out comments 💀

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