Squid game Old Man Cheated! | Tug of war scene | Squid game | Eyeoji #shorts

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Squid game Old Man Cheated! | Tug of war scene | Squid game | Eyeoji #shorts

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  1. Dod you even watch squid game? The old man is the creator of the game and the front man is his son bruh

  2. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++?????????????????

  3. The old man is the creator of squid Game🤦

  4. Old man is the creator of the game..

  5. The old man is not front man but he is extrime boss of squid game. He created the game for fun

  6. Because the old man was owner of that game

  7. No he didn’t he is a vip player cuz he can’t die in red light green light

    Practically the old man without the lock and the head of this whole game, in fact, as many thought he was not the guy with the black mask, in fact, if that row fell, he couldn't die and why did he go? he was offered to play but he could not die, so in case of emergency, he could free himself.

  9. That is beach's he is the front man and the owner of squid game

  10. 🔥Hanan's World YouTube #shorts🔥 says:

    Hey can you love my comment please i edited sorry

  11. 見えてないだけでしてたって話もあるよね

  12. He did have locks on. I watched the scene very slowly and yeah, he has locks. You can see when they put the cuffs on and at the end for a sec when they fall that he has locks. He played fair, he didn't cheat.

  13. But he had a black lock on the other hand. So he wouldn't be able to escape if they would be falling down.

  14. In last scene ….. In squid game we can see only old man create this game and he is not scared by red or green light

  15. 😍😍😍😎😎😘😘🤩🤩😎😎😍😍😘🤩🤩

  16. Me: How is that possible it's not true right?
    Bff and bsf: that's true we are not gonna to lie the old man is a cheater for real
    Me: really?
    Make sure to click that

  17. Im reading the comments and they all have the same reply

  18. Because he is behind it he’s the master

  19. Bro look carefully, you can see his chain on the side of the body bending to his other hand

  20. coz of old sugar daddy are basterd hence proved in squid games

  21. God why did that need to happen and that old man is so old🥺

  22. I was wondering how he was gonna survive if his team fucks that one up.

  23. I didn’t know it Bc i am not that old to watch Squid

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