Squid Game Pitch Meeting

Step inside the pitch meeting that led to Squid Game!

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Netflix has a massive surprise hit on their hands with the new South Korean series Squid Game, which has taken the world by storm. Over 100 million households watched the battle royale series and it’s absolutely taken over social media with its memes.

Squid Game definitely raises some questions though. Like how much is 42.6 billion korean won worth in USD? How is this cop so good at infiltrating an organization he knows nothing about? Was there every any doubt as to who would win the tug of war game? Why did Ali have to die? What is going on with those VIPs? Why did nobody try walking on the massive beams in the glass game? Why did Gi-Hun dye his hair?

To answer all these questions and more, step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to Squid Game! It’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

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  1. 3 minutes in and most of the pokes are based on aesthetics, it really speaks to how well written this show was.

  2. “Its called Squid Game.”
    “Okay so this is like in the Shark Tale cinematic universe
    “That’s not a thing that exists”

    Had me so good! 😂😂😂😂

  3. The best scene : "very angry PlayStation buttons"

  4. Hahaha, I am so glad to hear someone else mention the playstation buttons! XD

  5. I was also wondering during the glass bridge game how come every time a player pushed another one into the glass in front it was always the normal glass? What would have happened if it was the tempered glass in front, would they not have broken it and just landed? Especially since it was only supposed to hold the weight of two people, not the force of someone being pushed onto it. Also the fact it happend like four or five times and each time the glass they pushed the person onto was the normal glass, the odds of that are low. I get the dramatic effect of pushing them through the glass, but I just want to know what would have happened if one of them got pushed onto the tempered glass. Also, if the force of them being pushed had broken the tempered glass, would the rest of the players behind just have died? Seems like a pretty lame way to end the games for the VIPs who go there to bet and they all die on the same game.

  6. "Solving things by licking things is tight." 🤣

  7. The detective story took me out of the game. He really did just murder someone immediately without even questioning them or knowing what was going on.

  8. He's so damn good at this, I almost keep forgetting he's not actually two different people

  9. Getting slapped by a guy in a suit is TIGHT. Wow wow wow (1 minute long dramatic pause) wow.

  10. Θέατρο σκιών η Ζάκυνθος says:

    fun fact: ryan recently had to take back surgery bacause of carrying this channel for so long

  11. Is this in the Shark Tales cinematic universe? We will never know

  12. "And then he falls… all the way into Season 2 if he has to" – Hilarious! And if there is a Season 2 of this show hopefully true cause that was a great character!

  13. One thing I never understood about this show is how this top secret organization stayed top secret while kidnapping hundreds of people each year (or however often they have new Squid Games), and NOBODY at all seems to notice that all of these people are missing with no bodies found.

  14. I can't believe these are still hilarious. The executive character is amazing😂

  15. Waking up in a weird place with a bunch of other people is tight!

  16. I like how they bring up the trope about the rich people and their strange taste for violent entertainment and secret societies. The truth is that we don't really know how much of this is true and there is no way we can verify that given how secretive rich people stereotypically are.

  17. The performance is cartoonishly over the top but in a few places (especially in some other episodes), some real acting accidentally escapes.

  18. The reason the VIPs had such bad dialogue was because their lines were to be in English but the dialogue was written by Koreans who COULD speak English but it was not their first language. The actors noticed this and tried changing it but the editors went with the original dialogue.

  19. I don’t know why but I thought squidgames was a twisted reality show…

  20. "Getting slapped by guys in suits is tight" 🤣🤣🤣

  21. Never watched the squid games I never had a desire to the Korean people are psychopaths everyone of their shows and movies are super violent and moronic

  22. Dyna blade:go this way, challengers

    Challenge:make sure the attractions at clown game work properly
    Eliminated contestant:sooki-yaki AGAIN!!

  23. That evil guy in the suit at the start is the heroic Dad from Train to Busan O____O Talk about a role shift.

  24. why does Ryan look buff and handsome in this video?

  25. I’m the tug of war game, everyone is hand cuffed to the rope, so why didn’t the winning teams also fall to their deaths after the loosing teams fell down.

    Wouldn’t their body weights and momentum from falling force the winning team to lose balance and also fall to their deaths?

    Get off my back about that

  26. "Well sir, I was thinking we could just throw together Takashi's Castle and Hunger Games…" "Great…" " Yea yea yea…"

  27. People like Squid Game and that's just sad to me.

  28. Whew! Another set of hours of my life saved. Thank you!

  29. Which Squid Game episode would you watch multiple times and always enjoy?

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