Squid Game Reaction / New Rockstars: Every Clue You Missed & Ending Explained!

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Ben and Anna react to New Rockstars’ video that breaks down clues viewers may have missed while watching the insanely popular show, Squid Game.


  1. The “pick blue for player and pick red for worker” theory is a good idea but I heard that the director debunked the theory (hoyeon, the actress who played sae-byok, said she thought it was interesting but wasn’t true)

  2. There are other things that he missed in the tug of war game the old man oh il nam wouldn't fall to his death notice how all the others had locks on the rope but il nam idk it was kinda safe for him it is said he could have undone the locks himself and saved him from death, also the reason why ghi-on dyed his haircolor in red is because in korea it shows masculinity and that you have gained control over your own life also the old man when it looked like he pissed himself there was an empty bottle next to him he just spilled it on himself he was monitoring everything he made us believe he was a frail old man but al along he knew what he was doing and is smart about almost everything also his name il nam points as well that he is the creator cause his name means the number one oh il nam potentially the real frontman is numer one it makes sense

  3. I love New Rockstars but the writer of the show has debunked the red/blue theory. It’s a good theory tho

  4. good video.. should do one with the staff interview, it is also fun to watch too. and side note yes Vessi really is a good shoes… highly recommend if you live in an area with heavy rain.

  5. If he was prepared to die why didn't he die in the marble game? Also he was protected in the fight night by being put high up where he was safe. He made a big plea to end it but he was safe. It's not impossible the tug of war was rigged in some way.

  6. the sensor part is just reaching, if you rewatch it you can see plenty of people are just like the old man, with only the green outline, the old man played the games genuinely, he just knew what the games were about beforehand.

  7. The red/blue was debunked, there’s people who picked red in the slap game

  8. In episode 5 when Oh Il-nam feels ill, I think he was faking to appear weak. Sae-byeok then Gi-hun a bottle of water. In the morning Il-nam seems to have wet himself, but this could have been him using the bottle of water to make himself seem like the worst partner option again.
    Later he gives Gi-hun his jacket believing he would be leaving the game, and when the contestants are partnering up, he sits to one side looking frail.
    I believe this was his ploy to avoid being selected for the marbles game so that he could meet the VIPs.
    The arrival of the VIPs also meant he had to leave the game to meet them, which effectively gave Gi-hun a bye into the next round.

  9. the ending is still dumb. he is a human with NO ways to stop such huge organisation which controls everything. he sacrificed his good life with his family which was his goal whole series. thats VERY dumb and stupid

  10. Heavy spoilers channel is much better when it comes to all easter egg and clues unlike this he misses so much and btw ill-nam never ment to die coz even in the third game with the robe his hand does not have locks like other player so in case his plan fill he can still survive and there are much more clues but not explained. If you watch heavy spoiler channel you would like it

  11. A little funny thing we all missed in episode 1 when Gi-hun first ran into Sae-byeok and he knocks over her coffee was that it was all improvised when he picks it back up and tries to put the straw back in to hand it back to her. Seeing him fumble the straw made Sae-byeok busted out laughing but she turned her head to the side to hide it. The director kept that blooper in the final cut. If you watch it again, you can see her laughing before it cuts to the next scene.

  12. Episode 2 shows how the main characters will die in the future. When Ki-hoon and No.67 are released naked, Ki-hoon made an oath to No.67 with his mother, but immediately broke the oath, resulting in the death of her mother in Episode 9.

  13. Try Alice in Borderland series japanese based on the manga

  14. After Squid Game, a lot of people started watching another Korean series on Netflix called My Name. Will you be reacting to them, anytime soon? Just curious.

  15. I will be completely obsessed if you do star wars !!!!!!

  16. I recommend you watch the German series science fiction, thriller "Dark" also on netflix

  17. I thought everyone noticed those clues wtf 😂

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