Squid Game – Reaction – S1E8 – Front Man


0:00 Intro/Recap
2:36 Reaction
18:43 End Discussion

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  1. 10:54 Sam, asking the important question. I thought one of you would've figured it out.

  2. I think they manipulate the games in a way to make sure that only 1 person wins. Which is why when it was 3, they told them to kill one of them.

  3. You guys got the biggest cakes in the world and I wanna eat them.

  4. I feel like Drake right now. I’m Upset, very very upset. Sae-byeok to live so badly. And the way she went out just has me so…🤬🤬. I feel so bad for her and her little brother, just straight up heartbroken. Sang-woo ain’t shit!!! Gi-hun seriously has to make it now. It’s all on him.

  5. Damn, I thought Jun-ho was going to live long enough to be able to take this thing down. This whole episode was just full of tragedy and pain. I hate this game 😅😅😅

  6. Interesting thing is that those drawings of the games on the walls were there the whole time, but it was difficult to see because the beds were in the way. Sae-Byeok was my favorite next to Ali and I'm sad they died.

    On to the final game….😂

  7. "WAIT, WHAT!!! WAIT, WHAT!!!" – 18:37
    I can't imagine the feeling thinking that this is how Netflix chose to end the season. I would've been raging, before checking that there's another episode.

  8. Song woo is a twisted person. He said the man could tell the difference between the glass the whole time but I don't think that's true. He probably only began to really look when it was his turn to lead. I think that was him justifying his actions in his head.
    Gonna miss Sae Beauk. I wish you guys watched the show earlier and didn't miss out on how the entire internet was crushing on her. It was insane!

  9. lol I'm assuming Morgan is still editing these. Morgan's editing is so funny

  10. When this finished. There were no plans to make season 2. With the popularity of this, they decided to make season 2.

  11. According to a doctor on youtube you do more damage to your self if you rip out the object that pierced you

  12. Have they been adding pictures of the games on the wall Loool

  13. That disbelief 😂 I guess it's because you have to reschedule 😅

  14. Tbh, it was probably a mercy that she died like that. Nobody there was going to save her. I doubt it was his intention to mercy kill her though.

  15. Gettimg hit in the sholder dose not kill u i think hes alive but not sure

  16. So I dont know if any of your patrons mentioned this, but really fun fact, when Sae Byeok and Ji Yeong were talking during the marble game, Ji Yeong mentioned this island where a movie was shot and Byung Hun Lee was the main actor – and in actuality Byung Hun Lee plays the Frontman. My jaw dropped when I saw his face cause I was like, wait HE plays the frontman!? I dont know if you guys know (sorry if you do) but Byung Hun Lee plays in a lot of US/Western movies too, espcially martial arts…etc., and that's generally how an NA audience member would recognize him

  17. Girl with glasses is so cute and her voice is so adorable 🥺🫶🏻 I wanna buy her ice cream ☠️😭

  18. NOTE: There will be spoilers in this long-winded comment, so if you don't want to know something about the show – PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS.

    I'm currently watching three different reactions to The Squid Game, all on different channels. And as I watch each one, the reactions have brought different things to mind. The most recent "idea" or "thought" is: when xx (so as not to give away any spoilers unnecessarily) is in the room looking at the list of winners, at the very top of the page it says Round 6. I've never noticed this before until I watched this one channel and they kept rewinding that scene because they were trying to figure something out that was not related to my observation. That got me thinking: Why would it say "Round 6" and "List of Winners"? Shouldn't it have said, "Round 6 Winner(s)?" For those of us who have watched the entire show, I will allude to the guests and how we got the impression that more of this was going on in other places. Could it be that there are multiple games going on all at the same time, in different parts of the world, making up a "Round"? And the winners from all locations are included on one master Winners list?

    The second point I want to make is this: Round 6 was in 2015. The games appear to have started in 1999. This doesn't make sense; if there is one game a year (and we know that's not true because the files indicate multiple games are played each year), AND the person xx is looking for shows to have won in 2015 (16 years after the start of the games) – how could it be Round 6? Wouldn't it be more like Round 16?, But even that doesn't make sense because there appears to be multiple games IN each year. How could there be a Round 6 (or 16) if there are multiple rounds in each year? OR is this saying that there HASN'T been multiple games at different times in a year (at one location); instead, the binders represent the teams and winners from the games being played all over the world, at the same time, in one year, representing one Round, which would be Round 6 (16)? IF THAT is the case, then WHY are the binders in Korea? Why would one "host" need to know all of this? What would the games and winners in say, Nova Scotia have to do with what is going on in South Korea? Could it be that Front "people" (in each location) are all previous winners; are all brought back at certain times to complete their Front duties; AND are competing against each other to become….hosts, VIPs, or something else?

    AND lastly, the people being used as furniture: where do THESE people come from?! Are they also in debt? Where are they staying and what do they do when they are not lying around and being sat on?

  19. the thing that you thought was unnecessary dramatic actual is had some purpose, also the beds hid the walls perfectly so no surprise that the viewers are only spotting the series of unfortunate events and it made sense that nobody notice the walls we where to preoccupied with the money and them try to survive the game….

  20. Sae-Byeok completely captured everyone’s hearts when this came out. The whole world was captivated by her. She was such a fan favourite that apparently they’re introducing a twin sister for season 2. Not sure if it’s just rumours but it would certainly be cool to have the actress back, even if a twin sister angle is a bit of a cop out.

  21. This episode pissed me off; You'll get those people saying "well she had to die and Sang-Woo had to do it", but they'll never convince me that it wasn't unfair that Sae-Byeok died that way.

  22. “The las game is eating competition” 😂🎉

  23. Thanks for the SG ride. Can't wait for season 2 already underway. Oops. Meant for the last ep.

  24. I like the Frontman actor in "I Saw The Devil", "Magnificent 7", "Terminator Genisys" and as Storm Shadow in GI Joe. I was not expecting him to be the frontman.

  25. The pictures on the walls were there the entire time – they were just hidden due to all the beds that were there.

  26. the way the main characters died was actually previewed in their backstory in Episode 2

  27. Omg! I really like your shirt Sam!! Where’s it from?

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