SQUID GAME | S01E05 – “A Fair World” | Spoiler Review & Breakdown | 오징어 게임

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  1. Very knowledgeable take on episode 5, you guys. 👍👍

  2. Guys, if it's possible you really should react to Alice and the Borderland, it's a great show, and its similar to Squid Game because they also have to play some games, but the plot it's very different, anyway I hope that you guys watch. ^^ (Sorry bad English lol)

  3. Except thier is not an equal fighting chance. There is a procedural equality in that everyone plays under the same rules. But there is not substantive equality. There is a difference in outcome based on preexisting factors

  4. The game is referenced from bollywood movie table 21

  5. Is there any significance of the protagonist's past?
    That factory riot?
    Why is it even mentioned?

  6. Hunger games vs Squid game… any thoughts on it?

  7. lol equality was the big answer and achara's like mask xd

  8. Why doesnt he wear the mask?

    Same reason Spiderman and Iron Man remove their masks. To give the actor some face time.

  9. Ali is a Muslim guy and he is from Pakistan not from India.

  10. From the flashback we now know that gi hun has ptsd & that changed him as a person. He mentioned the incident during the quarrell with his ex – his friend got beaten up and never got up. The writing for this show is so good, it weave in backstories subtly and subsconciously.

  11. Excellent Series I have ever seen in my LIFE ngl….❤️❤️❤️😍

  12. You two should do an interview with Anupam Tripati AKA Ali. That would be fun. His character is well loved and I guess not everyone knows him until Squid Game. JABY, DO IT OR I SHALL SEND YOU THE CARD 💳 FOR THE GAME!!!

  13. Tug of war scene is one the best well directed scene in the history of Netflix ..

  14. Achara's reaction at the Episode end😆😆

  15. Woah when Achara mentioned the prisoner/warden experiment. All my psychology lessons from 10 years ago came flooding back to me. I’d completely forgotten about most of the things I’d learnt there.

  16. This is the most gross episode….
    Full of unnecessary grotesque scenes….
    Really there was no need, some were enough but although the investigation has been shown greatly

  17. Knowing a persons name forms a connection, changes the dynamic of the game as well, it’s like the trolley problem, more difficult to try and kill a person you know

  18. Your discussion after this episode makes so much sense.. how the rich corporation look at us.. we know that anyways however the discussion was just an eye-opener. We are nothing but numbers, data or an opportunity.

  19. John 14:6.Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

  20. Who were your favourite character(s) on the show?

  21. Can you guys do a reaction of Alice in Borderland?

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