Squid Game S1 | Unreleased Clip | Netflix

The shocking reveal of Front Man in Season 1

An exclusive clip unveils the man behind the survival game

The K-series that inspired a global phenomenon

Squid Game | Only on Netflix

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Squid Game S1 | Unreleased Clip | Netflix

Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits — with deadly high stakes.


  1. In my opinion, a really cool concept for season 2 is they featuring the OTHER countries squid games, if you remember, in the last couple episodes of squid games there was the VIPS and one of them said, "south korea games are the most interesting", which means that there are other countries that ALSO play it, i wonder if all of the countries are based around on if you lose you die, since in the RECRUIT of actors for Season 2 they said that if you LOSE, you go home with nothing, you dont have anything, but you still go home.

  2. I feel so special that the director himself prepared a gift for us…

  3. I actually didn't understand what this scene means

  4. those are mollies, theyd die within days of being in a bowl lol

  5. waw frontman omagaaaa , btw pls S2 cepetannn aku udh ga sabar nihh sama all of us are dead juga sama sweet home juga cepet an lah upload

  6. Oh so now we’re gonna watch the front man playing squid game and winning?

  7. imagine season 2 being about the backrooms👀

  8. Squid game is the best web series ever

  9. Who knew a show like this had been turned down 9 whole years!! Yet it’s the most streamed show on Netflix with 111 million views within its first week!

  10. this show died faster than the speed of light

  11. It would be really sick to go back in time and show us the previous games that happened but at the same time I want to see what happens next after season 1

  12. I guess they chopped this scene because it would reveal Front Man too early?

  13. No filter ? In a bowl? Way too small for two goldfish cmon

  14. plz it looks so boring, but i have my hopes up

  15. That's definitely the younger brother. 1. Young man (obviously) 2. he had black hair, therefore it cannot be the mc, who has red hair 3. he wears a cap just like the younger brother did

  16. Здрасьте Нетфликс, Когда Дата Выхода 2 Сезона Игра В Кальмара И Мы Все Мертвы 2 Сезон !

  17. Я 4 Месяца Назад Подал Дважды Заявку На Кастинг Игра В Кальмара: Вызов И Когда Дата Выхода Этого Кастинга И Мы Все Мертвы Тоже Самое !

  18. Those are platyls, not goldfish as one article puts it.

  19. just please no white people 😭 always wanna include themselves

  20. The Frontman is the best villain character in the show , he is scary and attractive at the same time, his creepy mask and voice along with his costume added a lot to his charisma 🔥

  21. I’m shook by the fact that this video came out a day after Money Heist : Korea’s Part 2 Trailer.

  22. Please please please please I am cry squid game season two

  23. This is probably the scene when the front man won the squid game and had to fight the others like how the main actor did. He just got heartbroken just like the main actor in season 1 so he plants this goldfish (reminder of his 2 friends he lost during squid game 1995). This is the dead fish that the inspector (his brother ) finds in the room

  24. these actors should certainly win a prize to each.💫👍🏽👏👏👏👏

  25. Oh wow, a korean man putting fish into a fishbowl

  26. Let's hope that season 2 is coming in 2023 😊

  27. Imagine a prequel of previous games, and how they contacted the front man to be who he is, and the men in red suits, how did they get there?? Like how did one apply for that position lol. So many things, and the creator, they should go over the first game ever played, we know it was a different location than the island in season 1

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