Squid Game: Season 1 RECAP

The Korean phenomenon that all your friends are talking about, it’s Squid Game! Recap all of season 1 right here to prepare yourself for a possible season 2!

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This is the Squid Game Recap, Review, Explained, and Breakdown. We’ll find out if there will be a Squid Game Season 2 on Netflix.


  1. It was theorized that if Gi-Hun had boarded that plane the Front Man was going to blow up the plane as he was a threat to them and they were afraid Gi-Hun was going to blow up their cover

  2. Damn I forgot how good this show was

  3. I'm just thinking, what if all that cash isn't Laundered?

  4. Much of Squid Game‘s final hour is set outside the world of the arena—this time, a year following the events of the bulk of the show. So what else is there to uncover? 👉https://youtu.be/TCiei2uULJE

  5. i was reading Homo Deus by Yuval Hararri and there this chapter where he discusses the use of poor people in the future as the overabundance of technology will rule the world and things such as other people's suffering is a part of an algorithm that keeps things in order .Poor people especially in third world countries will be a cathartic release or things to be played with , watched over and often looked down to , these rich people in squid game are the gods of these humans with no regard to their needs or lives just created a game to escape boredom .

  6. Damn, impressed with this recap. Especially for the people who don't want to watch because it's ultra-violent

  7. This reminds me of how good the story is in Squid game.

  8. Yeah, this seems like a stupid show, with gratuitous violence. Glad I took a pass on it and just watched this instead.

    Well put together video!

  9. Thanks. The only thing that surprised me was…..nothing. Cool idea/show, but was anybody really surprised at anything? It followed the typical tropes of every survivor type story. Even the detective's brother being involved in the game, and the old man being the creator. He was literally 001. The only thing I thought was MAYBE the old man was going to turn out to be the detective's' brother, and somehow he aged from some medicine that makes you live forever you get as a prize at the end instead of the money?

  10. Wow ! This Squidgame series was somewhat a suspense-action-horror series from what I've read. But you made it comical and fun to watch and enjoyable. 😅 😁 Thank you. Pls make more.

  11. There's no such thing as free health care.

  12. squid game sucks — aouad is WAY bettter trust

  13. Can you do a recap of the J J Abrams series Lost? PLEASE???

  14. Ppl ask, what is squid games? i say The Korean Version of hunger games lol

  15. This comment is by #ReeshiR7
    So from logic In season 2 will have 456 Or the winner as the frontman

  16. I stopped watching the show when someone on TikTok spoiled who was behind it all. I couldn't tell if they were lying or not but it slashed my hype for the series, and I was at the Tug of War episode. I couldn't watch the rest of the series because that spoiler was stuck in my head. I only watched this vid to see if it was real, now I have confirmation. Damn.

  17. i wonder how did all the editing u know when the guy kills himself at the end? And how can u by accident dye ur hair red lol

  18. just love how all the guards are ignoring everyone and intently staring at the guys with umbrellas :kek:

  19. "Red light green light we have this in america" 💀

  20. I loved the part when the old man voted no because I think everyone expected him to vote yes. Nobody expected them to actually let the people go back out into the world. So, that was a nice piece of writing on their part that really surprise a lot of people.

  21. Tyty for this.
    I was always too scared to actually watch it.

  22. Tried the tug of war technique at a church camp, and it 100% works!

  23. Nice but can you talk slowly 😅😅 Just my opinion

  24. You saved me a lot if time, Thank You for starting this channel

  25. One correction: South Korea DOES have universal healthcare but even with that medical care does still cost money. It's just far less than what it would be in the U.S.

  26. Sometimes when I’m working eight hours or more a day and my feet are aching and I’m making basically no money to show for it I think: yea maybe I’d join. Real life is working and working barely affording anything then dying. I might as well try this shit out. If I win I’m set for life and if I don’t, well, I’m expediting the inevitable.

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