Squid Game | Season 2 Announcement | Netflix #SquidGame

Red light…GREENLIGHT! Squid Game is officially coming back for season 2!


About Netflix:
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Squid Game | Season 2 Announcement | Netflix #SquidGame


  1. Now why can't my phone have one of those fancy cameras 😐

  2. Netflix: Based On True Events
    9 yr old me: 😱

  3. After seeing Alice in wonderland, squid game now looks dry asf

  4. Well good luck finding 456 more people😂

  5. Cant wait release it please i love this series. S 1 was ,🔥🔥

  6. Wow!Super!Keep it up Netflix!😽😽


  8. What day is it coming out? I really want. To watch this

  9. Hopefully it’s as good as the 1st season but don’t think it will top Alice in borderland tbh that series is just something else one of the best series I’ve ever watched!

  10. 𓆤۵Chaewq۵𓆤#Ytabonelerimiçekme says:

    456 im coming back for you baby

  11. When is the second season gonna air on Netflix in Holland?

  12. Kids Games That is Getting Played on Netflix:
    Red Light Green Light
    Tug Of War
    Cearated by Squid Game

  13. Kids Games Taken Way too Far on Squid Game:
    Red Light Green Light:The Doll Sees you Moving You Will Be Ellimated
    Tug Of War:If you lose the Rope Will Cut

  14. I really want some backstory on the Front Man and why he is there, as well as the supervisors, soldiers, and workers.

  15. They will start filming this summer 2023! 😊

  16. I can’t wait any longer I’m so excited

  17. I think it's a fake netflix channel since why the hell would a clip of a dolls eye opening and closing be a season 2 announcement it would be something that shows what might happen next not what has already happened last season ?

  18. SQUID GAME!!!! WHY THERE IS SEASON 2 YET!?!???!?!!!

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