Squid Game Season 2 Latest News + Everything We Know

in late january, it was confirmed by netflix that squid game would be coming back with a second season. with all the theories going around, kdrama fans are more than curious to know what hwang donghyuk has in store for them. stick around for squid game season 2 latest news!


  1. Ik it’s sad that most of season 1 cast is gone. Just think how cool it would be to have a new and different cast EACH SEASON! Like it can be game show or something. I wouldn’t mind it, bc it can add freshness to each season while also continuing the plot!!!!!! 🥳

  2. What I hope will happen in season two:
    The most loved players aren’t dead.
    Squid game continues BUT with newer games and slowly being exposed and destroyed.
    I have an idea to:
    War starts and squid game starts getting destroyed. Sae byeok’s (I hope I’m saying it right) brother gets revenge from squid game from starting in the first place.

  3. It's the best show i have ever seen🤩🤩

  4. Sae byeok (idk how to spell it) and Ali were my favourite characters. Also that girl that played with Sae byeok in The game before The glass bridge. I cried tbh but we dont talk about that

  5. Jun jo is alive because at the end we see a clip of him with his brother jun jo asked why

  6. Noo, Ho-yeon! Don't get plastic surgery just for Squid Game. You're beautiful just the way you are!

  7. why does your thumbnail have a picture of that girl from all of us are dead


  9. is no one gonna talk about how ho yung is willing to dye her hair AND get plastic surgery ?!

  10. God bless that absolute legend. He is an amazing writer, for coming up with this show. I absolutely loved it.
    Hopefully he doesn't do a Bethesda on Fallout, and after creating the masterpiece of Fallout 3, and have a subsidiary company make Fallout: New Vegas, end up years later with Fallout 76 and how they handled the backlash to the game.
    In prayer I'm quietly confident that will not happen with Squid Game though. Thank God.

  11. The really wasn't a need for 2nd season people outside of Korea might not like it as much as the 1st. So lets wait and see

  12. I really wanna see a return of sebioks brother in the games to get revenge

  13. My favourite character in squid game is Ali (199) there are actually fan thoughts on Ali is still alive

  14. i hope this show dosent turn out to be those ones who have a really good season 1 but the season 2 is trash

  15. they could actually bring some characters back because they sorta brought 001 back kinda

  16. I can’t believe this show was rejected at one point. I literally fell in love when I first seen it.

    No wrong time just perfect time!!! 🥲

  17. How about a new mini game, tag who Evers still the Taggen when the timer ends there dead 10 people are the taggers

  18. Now that’s a great creator. Allowing his viewers to bring him ideas and making them feel involved in the writing process. He also is just so humble from what I’ve seen. Not being confident over such a great show, getting turned down so much but still not giving up on his ideas… What a great creator.

  19. Gong yoo left at the end of squid game season 1

  20. So if it’s rejected for 10 years,then I don’t think squid game can copy that Japanese movie that is similar to it

  21. Idk but I think san gi hun(sorry for misspelling) may become front man.

  22. 3:48 no the real reason why it's way more realistic for him to return then say-byeok is we only know he was shot in the shoulder and dived into the ocean… that's no death clear sentence, we didn't see a body different to sae-byeok where it's apparent that she bled to death and we saw her getting transported away in a casket and probably cremated… just look for the clues guys…

  23. Its funny how the censor out the word ”dead” lol

  24. The detective got shot in the shoulder. Same as the front man. He could come back alive.

  25. Things We Know About Squid Game Season 2: 👉https://youtu.be/LAxJQZceJ4U
    On November 9, 2021, creator Hwang Dong-hyuk spoke to Associated Press, and confirmed what we had all been lusting after, that new episodes of the hit TV show are indeed on their way.

  26. Squid game season 2 idea how about gihun realize that not everyone was brought back in to the death games go back to the series episode 3 and you will find out what Im talking about

  27. What you meant be most of them are dead, do you mean that most of are dead in real life!?

  28. I think one of Ali's relatives should come back and avenge his death.

  29. I hope Season 2 includes a story of the girl in Season 1, depicting how she escaped North Korea.

  30. I just want Gi-Hun to he a good father…

  31. Is the reailty show of squid game is a different thing than s2 ?

  32. I really want ali but I don't think he is alive but flashbacks please bring back ali

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