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  1. Well you see once players die they put them in a coffin and burn them so shes dead thats my point

  2. Chances are that might be for flashbacks or posthumous hallucinations when a very prominent character is being imagined by the main characters figment of imagination. A lot of psychological themed stories do this. Believe me.

  3. They Wont Be Coming Back, Its Supposed To Be Realistic And In Real Life When You Die You Die! And The Guards Would Have Just Shot Them If They Didnt Die The First Time They Got Shot!

  4. Like to bring back Ali back to squid game

  5. no she is def dead. she lost TOO MUCH blood. Nobody can survive this. She already had this scar

  6. No cus on ep 8 you see them put her in a box and the box gets cremated and the other girl gets shot in the head and ali gets shot. So this makes no sense

  7. Guards that burned the body:so bad news

  8. Is in 2024 dude are you dume not the viedo

  9. Can't believe he did that tattoo man… Sooo bad ass

  10. Let's go!!!!! Is in 2024 i like this Viedo the boss have a red hair

  11. I think in season 2 there will be a scene where there in the afterlife.

  12. Well its not true now, they already announced the main cast for season two :3

  13. WTF, she is dead, they all are dead, shoted or killed and burned, that's all.

  14. She already had that scar on her neck before she died and she got cut on the other side on her neck anyways

  15. I'm so happy now York July she's so beautiful

  16. i really hate to be that guy, but that scar was already there, there was a part in episode 1 were 456 was checking her scar to see if she was the pick-pocket girl, but there can still be a very small chance shell come back, you never know

  17. These dudes changed so much in the past year its ridiculous lol trendy ass mfs

  18. Well this is outdated as Netflix released the new cast of main characters and none of these characters were even mentioned

  19. Sae byeok already had a scar on her neck, which is how gi hun identified her as the person who stole his money, Alis body is shown with a bullet on his head being put in a coffin, and Ji yeong literally gets smoked on screen.

  20. is anyone gonna question about the first dude? he literally be looking like player 101 rn it looks like a cosplay of smthn. i want that snake as a tattoo tho it lokie looks cool.


  22. Fun fact 456 picked blue so he was a contender if he picked red he would have been a guard

  23. Bro she was stabbed deep in the stomach and had her neck slit there is 0 chance of her still being alive

  24. Wir haben bald 2024 und ich warte immer noch

  25. It showed Ali with a hole in his head from the bullet, also include the fact that she lost pounds of blood for what Im guessing is over 5 hours straight. I rewatched the show 10 mins ago.

  26. How do you fanboi enough to get a fake tatoo on your face, but still end up putting on the wrong side?? 不不

  27. It always cuts off when the good part comes

  28. She just lost 2 liters of blood, just a minor injury!

  29. The back fire is that Ji yeong is Na yeong from all of us from dead儭

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