SQUID GAME: Secret REAL Purpose of the Game Explained | 오징어게임

Squid Game is a brutal social commentary, but what’s the even darker truth behind the game’s actual agenda in the world of the series? Go to to save 70% off on your 30 day trial. Thanks to Geologie for sponsoring today’s video.

Squid Game is the story of financially struggling participants in a cruel survivor challenge. How how do the game creators, Il-Nam, the Front Man, and the VIPs continue to get away with operating this game year after year, free from prosecution by the government authorities? Who else in this world knows about the game? Erik Voss explains new clues that you might have missed pointing to a global conspiracy that fuels and profits from the violent Squid Game, and how that could set up Squid Game Season 2.

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Brendan Langdon
Cody Anderson
Dan Woodson
Karen Wang
O. Grometto
Pony Stark
Rick Denmon

Producer: Erik Voss
Producer: Zach Huddleston
Producer: Brandon Barrick
Writer: Erik Voss
Writer/Host: MasterTainment
NRDS Chief Creative Officer: Filup Molina
Post Production Supervisor: Riley Auskelis
Staff Editors: John Costa, Joshua Steven Hurd, & Drew Coombs


  1. He kept saying that the guards are wearing red, but those jumpsuits were definitely pink.

  2. When the book The Most Dangerous Game shows it's ass to the world…and makes a profit off if it

  3. American squid game would be more like red rover red rover let 420 come over =>

  4. Because the rich get richer thats how they get away with it xD

  5. the 836 dislikes are from said Hunger Games and Harry Potter fans

  6. Remember that movie 21? About Russian roulette? Is that correct? I dunno. Something tells me it's gonna blow everyone away when the series ends. Ain't gonna be happy either

  7. He saw his brothers police i.d remember so most likely contacted his corrupted cop freinds before his brother made the call. Thats why he said what have you done.

  8. Yep. You know what else rounds up the poor and disenfranchised and kills a bunch of them each year? The military.
    Also state sanctioned.

  9. I can’t tell if they actually think capitalism is evil? Hopefully they arent that stupid

  10. i bet its to get the stronger people to live so the strongest reproduce and get the strongest kids or something or its to lower the amount of people on earth

  11. So, the hunger games are a knock off of a corean game, then what are all the hunger games knock offs?

  12. "How do they keep getting away with iiiit!"
    Simple, they are so poor the police don't care about them

  13. You can always rely on humanity to make their existence as unbearable as possible – incredible!

  14. squid game's biggest offense was the VIP's dialogue. It's like the writer has never met anyone non-korean before

  15. Communism is an evil without borders.

  16. I’m so mad he didn’t get the mom out out of North Korea. Someone please tell me he did and I just missed it.

  17. I rely heavily on your excellent videos to enhance my entertainment. Thanks. I hope your “capitalism is evil” quips are fully sarcastic. This series is not a view of capitalism but the exact result of a society that falls to socialism and communism. Realize you would have no ability to make your videos and enjoy YouTube were it not for capitalism. Socialism is what forms “elites” taking over and controlling those who can’t do for themselves, giving people fish/money rather than teaching them to fish/employment ability. The “elites” of the world want full control off of the work of others. Socialism takes from the whole and in immoral society (ours) always leads to rich getting richer and everyone else being the same. All I thought watching Squidgame was the sadness of Socialism and Communism and my gratitude for capitalism and freedom in the US. Also, I watched it using VidAngle to avoid the filth and violence.

  18. Squid game creators got 70% of their ideas from the movie Saw and added their own ideas.

  19. I have seen many questions answered about what the games and monies won and lost, but i have yet to find any info on infamous doctor, the organ harvesting underground, how they decided which bodies to incenerate and which ones to bypass that incenerator. Alot of mystreies still remain on that area

  20. Okay, you review helped me understand this shoe better. 3rd episode in and I was lost

  21. I think Il Nan targeted people who owed him money or bought their debts.

  22. Squid Game also reminded me strongly of Stephen King's 'The Long Walk'. In episode 1 when they realize being terminated from the game is being killed, it's just like players in the book realizing what "getting a ticket" is.

  23. 455 players and about equal number of masked men…. 800 or 900 people get lost and they never return…. no one complaints to the police ???

  24. The contestants had implants in their necks, remember they were scanned in the van?

  25. Or this could just be…. A critical analysis of The Art of War? Do we start analyzing the writers or funders first? This led to some great questions! Thanks !


  27. is there truly no escape to capitalism
    I mean sure the wealthy and elite are but you sacrifice too much to get there

  28. You are right! Korea would be so much better off if they were socialist!

  29. I loved your video it was so good and just so you know I’m subscribed and liked to your channel

  30. Oh and I watch all of the video on your channel and I just think they’re so good and I think you should make more videos because if you didn’t what would I do I just wouldn’t have anyone to subscribe to you or like because you wouldn’t be there there

  31. Don’t believe governments know about the game. So fed up with the conspiracy theories

  32. Simple it's underground game that is sponsored and run buy a company

  33. I wouldn't be surprised if Biden does something similar but with kids

  34. You guys completely missed Alice in Borderland.

  35. The real reason for the game was to payoff the debts of the players. They paid off the debt with their life.

    The VIPs are just like 001. They lend money to the players via loan sharks knowing that in the end, they will get a willing set of players every year..

  36. watch it with the "english" captions on not english CC or the english dubs… that version is the REAL translation of the original korean version. It is great to do on a rewatch.. It unlocks so many little plot threads and nuisances.

  37. lies about capitalism like these hurt humanity the most.

  38. Animals are represent kingdoms 😂😂

  39. If 001 had voted to continue the game, would those that voted to end the game be eliminated? Thus, shortening the games by eliminating half of the remaining participants.

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