Squid Game Song | Let The Games Begin | [Unofficial Squid Game Soundtrack]

Squid Game is taking over the world. Squid Game is breaking all kinds of record and quickly becoming the most viewed series on Netflix. Red Light Green Light, Pink Soldiers and that one old man make it gripping! Do you think you could survive Squid Game? If you enjoyed this video, make sure you hit the like button and subscribe if you’re new!

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Track Credits:
Songwriter/Vocals: Ben Schuller

Producer: Boston

Video Editor: EMM


  1. The only bad thing in this song is that it ends

  2. Absolute brilliant and a twist which I never thought it was going to happen. Can't wait next year no 2. Will be buying the sound tracks. 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for me the best series😁👏👏👏

  3. You should make another squid game song but about the front man.

  4. Игра в кальмара как рыба в акульем пасте арррр

  5. have time to make a squid game song meanwhile we are still waiting for the extended version on the 2020 gaming wrap up, are we even getting a 2021 one?

  6. holy shit, THAT SHIT FIRE!!!! OMG!! I LOVE IT!

  7. I'm from México, i don't speak english well but i understand many words and the song is ver good

  8. SQuid game is an amazing show I watched it 4 times

  9. Som top NERD OUT voces sao insano no som irmao adorei

  10. Born to die is a fire 🔥 song 🎵 it’s da bomb 💣

  11. You didn't want anything short or uder weight but there is girls who will kill for there countrywide short

  12. Jimmy. Eats ice cream *while he's eating jimmy. Ur mom

  13. Round 1red light green light round 2 honeycomb round 3 tug of war round 4 marbles round 5 glass stepping stones round 6 squid game

  14. This song is so good that it deserves to be in the actual show in maybe season 2

  15. WHOEVER WATCHED SQUID GAME PLZ SUBSCRIBE THIS VIDEO and like Bruh this song is fire and lit

  16. i wish that Squid game is real , cuz we're too many ppl on Earth

  17. Not me thinking this was the ajr song
    (Jk I’m not that stupid)

  18. Squid game is Mr beast challenge in a nutshell

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