Squid Game (Song)

Squid Game sooong!

Choir vocals by @MayaFennec

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  1. I really hope your as popular as you neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to be I know you form my name huggy wuggy today me and my for at school couldn’t stop singing your song soo I hope you know your songs are amazing 🤩

  2. Nows you chance to be a [ [BIG SHOT] ] cl

  3. This song reminds me of Endigo’s old Bendy and the Ink Machine songs !

  4. big shot oh no. spamtin g spamtin: time to be a big shot

  5. The is a reference to Spamton "Now's your chance to *Next line * be a BIG SHOT

  6. me: listens to music

    after listening: why tf havent i subscribed yet? this guy is awsome

  7. I love how this is just looped 3 or 4 times

  8. I can’t stop listening to this song 🎵 it’s just so so good lol

  9. Would be a great outro, can just hear this song playing as credits are going up 🔥 🔥

  10. If squid games s2 comes out this should be the song in the final

  11. Is it just me or is every Korean movie extremely brutal

  12. 0:53 OH MAH GOD THEY SAID THE THING!,!!! THEY SAID IT!!,!!!!,!1!1@!!

  13. The red guys dancing be like 👁👄👁 also who made this emoji 🫦

  14. "be a big shot"
    gives me spantom from deltarune vibes

  15. 1:23 Thanos dread it run from it destiny still arrives all the same

  16. OmG SQUad GaME In ReAl LiFE Not FAk!1!!1!!!!11!!!!1

  17. Wait, you’re the guy from drag race Sweden!

  18. 'Every passing day you cant believe this is how your life has turned out'
    Spitting straight fax man

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