Squid Game – Sugar Honeycombs Scene ( Subtitles )

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  1. People who got-
    Triangle: 😏
    Circle: 🙄
    Star: ☹

  2. I'm out of my squid game phase but i came for nastolgia

  3. That just tells you how boss bob hair girl is; she stands behind another person in red light green light, then she chooses the easy shape out of almost everyone!

  4. Why would you put a watermark on a clip that you stole from a tv show wtf

  5. Bro, when I watched this round, I got brutally scared of every gunshot I heard in this one.

  6. Gi-Hun when he realizes he can lick the cookie to melt it:
    Oh yeah, this is big brain time

  7. I make the candy made in play doh

  8. What does this mean, laugh the face out of me😂😂😂

  9. Circle: easy
    Triangle: medium
    Star: hard
    Umbrella: bloodbath

  10. I wonder if The Simpsons will spoof this in one of their future Treehouse of Horror episodes?

  11. Would anyone else eat the cookie. Because honestly I’m hungry I’m eating whatever food’s infront of me

  12. 1:14 this funny song starts out of nowhere in the middle of an tense scene

  13. I had a weird dream last night that I was playing Squid Game, but there was a jump-roping game. Basically some chosen players would stand on a mat and jump-rope. If a player messed up, they would get shot and killed, but for some reason it was by those gun things on the walls in Red Light Green Light. So uhh I was trying my best to be the last player standing, but I messed up, and had a mental breakdown when I realized I was about to get shot. Then I got shot and uhh yeah

  14. The ones that noticed him licking the candy were the two that hung out with Deok-su.He saved them too

  15. Can’t they just eat the whole thing except for the shape so that they could win?

  16. I like how it just shows Gi-Hun.
    No blood, no violence.
    Nice 👌👌

  17. I just wished they actually made an anime about this

  18. Why is it so much harder than it looks on TV?

  19. shows cookie umbrella to guard
    “Understandable il just kill you now “

  20. Why gi-hun get sweat of wetting umbrella

  21. Авторские права на это видео не распространяются?

  22. When goung down on a woman, memorize and utilize the "Gi-hun" technique.

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