Squid Game: The Challenge | Announcement | Netflix

Do you want to play a game? Join Squid Game: The Challenge, a Netflix Reality competition series. Casting now open at SquidGameCasting.com


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Squid Game: The Challenge | Announcement | Netflix


  1. This goes against the entire purpose of the show!! The meaning was that the people who were drowning debt felt lucky that they were able to get money from this life or death game. The most important message we can take from Squid Game is not to value money so much that you devalue humanity, or equate others' value with their net worth. While the lie of Squid Game is that these people are “lucky” to play because they have nothing to lose, yet they're gambling the most valuable thing of all, their LIFE. I highly doubt that someone drowning in debt ready to do whatever it takes watched squid game and will attend to this challenge. Also, there is no life or death situation, obviously. That’s what made the show so good. While the people on the show had nothing to lose but their life, the people doing this challenge won’t lose crap. And yes i know mr beast did this, i was also a bit pissed off and didnt even watch it as it is yet again missing the point of the series so hard it hurts, its fine as he isn’t the creator of the series. But cmon Netflix y’all are devaluing your own series.

  2. Ah yes, MrBeast video but bigger funds. You see that his video had a great success so you just steal the Idea. The worst is that you reject MrBeast idea in the first place because "it will not generate enough audience".

  3. "Let The Game Begin Once Again"

  4. yeah, but will squid game announce their Roblox game?

  5. I love how when they said abate casting in the game my 10 year old sister. was like wait do we actually die???🤣

  6. One of the best shows ever 😱 Hats off to it's producers & directors 🙏 Insane

  7. lm 21 lm I got signed in the movie and will be 456 see yall there!

  8. Another cool thing I'll never see until an aggregator service is born.

  9. You won't be killing any players, right?😅

  10. Wow didn’t even know this was a reality show now!

  11. This is genuinely shameful, and you also have all these allegations of the game being rigged and participants injured.

    So shameful, poor Hwang Dong

  12. "Contestants claim conditions on Squid Game: The Challenge were inhumane, and the game was rigged in favor of competitors who included Instagram and TikTok influencers."

  13. So is this the season 2 or a whole new Squid Game series??

  14. I hope this video stays up for as long as possible. Not because it’s good or the second coming of Jesus or something, but as like the epitome of short-sighted failure. Not just as Netflix only seeing the monetary value of the property and missing the clear moral message entirely, but to anyone who’s caught up in recent news as of Jan.2023, you’ll know that this “experiment” was a complete disaster that saw dozens of people get seriously injured and won’t even be aired in the first place. It should be in a museum next to Russia’s space missions to Venus, Birdemic, and The Metaverse.

  15. Didn’t mrbeast do this already?

  16. Please release Season 2 & finish the storyline. 😊 ♥️ 🙏

  17. Bro shut up, mr beast already created one.

  18. Bruh wtf the entire point of the show really went over people's head. Make the hunger games while you're at it ffs. People were saying they'd make it into a reality type show and the other half said no way they'd be that dumb

  19. I thought Wednesday was the biggest Netflix show ever…

  20. Como el juego de nuestra infancia : un,dos,tres cigarrillo 43

  21. Next time choose people from the third world 🤙

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