“CIRCLE OF TRUST” Who can you trust when eliminations are done in total anonymity? The players have to be eliminate six of their competitors but is there such thing as a circle of trust in the Squid Game? #reaction #squidgame #squidgamechallenge

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  1. ashley is kind of guy who stealing food at walmart

  2. Ashley is my spiritual animal will not tolerate no Ashley hate.I also love Sam and Ashley. They were my favorites.

  3. You are clearly the same type of person as Ashley 😅

  4. This reactor did a classic example of double standard. Ashley did Trey dirty on the bridge, she actually Did Everyone dirty on the bridge, don't you point finger at Mai. Are you reacting to skin color or what?

  5. I did not like how Mai did Roland (sorry not sure that’s how you spell his name)

    To me Ashley and Mai are kinda the same. My problem with Mai is that she was very sneaky and be talking toooo much. But also tooo judgy, when she literally be doing the same stuff 🤷🏽‍♀️

  6. I've been loving seeing your reactions to squid game!! your feelings towards these players have been the exact same as mine so I have felt so validated lmao!! you should apply for season 2!!🤭

  7. I love your reactions. Gonna watch the Swarm reaction again.

  8. Ashley did not a boss move, she did exactly what Mai did. Don’t understand y u mad with Mai and not Ashley.

  9. Regardless of who wins, Ashley was my champion and always will be, Mai is a snake

  10. Let’s just throw the schedule out the window, so many eps today I live ☺️☺️


  12. I think we're forgetting at the end of the day that this is a competition and thag 4 million dollars are on the line. If someone asks me who i picked to eliminate, you dam well know I'm not going to say it was them to their face. I don't need someone having an extra incentive to try and eliminate me, especially when I would be that close to winning.

  13. I think they just didn’t highlight the final 3 too heavily in the start of the season because there was over 400 storylines that had to work with.
    And they need to give the people they knew were eliminated a spotlight in the beginning . And at the end of the day it feels more authentic as a game that these three are here at the end.
    If the were huge highlights the whole time I would’ve felt like the producers were rigging the entire thing.

  14. I was rooting for Phil to win it. He was boss in the last challenge.

  15. Lol i dont understand you are so noisy with Mai but Ashley is doing the same thing and you just ignore it. Also you know is it all about the game you are no friend of someone you just met, you are just playing for the money not to make friends, all players made moves in order to go foward in the game, I actually think Ashley is nastier than Mai but that just my point of view. Anyways the important thing here is the prize and im ok with that result. I think Mai giving the box there to him was a smart and not risky move that paid of.

  16. The final 3 didn't have me jumping for joy. Quite honestly, the only 2 names I could remember were Phil and Mai. However, after the Circle of Trust, I was mostly Team Phil.

  17. This is a great reaction video but I really hope you apply for season 2, I can definitely see you being a great competitor.

  18. Like it or not, but Mai is the type of person who would survive in a serious situation…she is ruthless and sometimes you have to be that way to make it…don't think you would survive this game long…besides, Ashley chose not to go in the mirror game, so no one should have gone before her and made her go forward…that's what she did to Trey and fair is fair…she's also a snake, but she survived that game by being one and like I said that's what you have to do sometimes to survive…the one thing that makes this show better than the scripted one is that there is no main character and you really don't know who's gonna win in the end…the scripted show was too obvious.

  19. as much as i disagree with your opinions of mai, i love how real you are in the replies. you’re actually iconic🤣🤣

  20. A lot of people complain about not knowing the finalist, but it had to be filmed this way OR rig it. They couldn't rig it, and there were too many contestants to follow, so the production chose to follow people as they went along. They chose to follow Leann and Trevor from the beginning and they just so happen to make it quite far, but others didn't. This is why we really weren't getting to know some of these people until the game progressed.

  21. That's why I only watch your reactions. Cuz you're always authentic and don't try to please people.
    I mean I wasn't the biggest fan of Ashley but goddamn give this woman a break. And just enjoy her reaction!
    Much love <3

  22. On one hand I’m glad the eliminations weren’t predictable, but like… maybe they could’ve given some of them a liiitle but more screentime? Sam barely got screentime so it was pretty obvious he wasn’t winning the finale and both Phil and Mai only started getting screentime after like ep 5/6

  23. I personally laugh when people call Mai the snake over Ashley. I 100% respect everyones opinions though. For me personally it was so satisfying seeing Ashley leave. Although they both did what they had to do, I just couldn't stand Ashley. But I love seeing everyone elses opinions whether they like Mai or Ashley.

  24. Been rooting for mai the moment tj, bee and trey got eliminated so yeah i think am satisfied wouldn't like it any other way, wouldn't have minded phil winning it too he cool.

  25. I understand why you can think that Mai is sneaky, but this is a game, you have to be that version of yours to endure at the end and also have a storyline, saying that, when she make a mistake of judgment she just accepted it, like what happened with TJ, she though he was fake till he save her and she was like "damn I made a mistake." She was fake at some point? Yeah, and all the players were. If we are gonna be for fairness of behavior Phill is the only one that is a "Hero", Mai can be an antihero, and Ashley I just didn't care for her, she could say outloud she wont agree by jumping on turns, she just stood there and watch Trey make the jumps and saying "oh well i didn't agree with this at first" gurl, you knew that was the general vote, but if Mai break the vote then she is evil? Nobody is evil is just a game. But Ashley loss the game the moment she became a Mai target and got that much of attention on the game, Mai know how to handle preasure even if she needs to cry.

  26. Love your reactions but I feel Mai did exactly what Ashley did and you contradicted yourself a bit 😂 however I think your reaction is hilariously entertaining.

  27. You’re a hoot when you get irritated or mad. Can’t wait to see when you see who wins 😅

  28. Bye-bye Ashley, best reaction needed that thanks

  29. Ashley was the evil villain of this show what do you mean you’re rooting for Ashley?

  30. I watched a tik tok from one of the players that’s said the whole Ashley bridge thing g did not go how it looked. Ashley did not stall that long, tre just freaked out and started jumping.and since Mai was the last person she didn’t get to see how it really wentr

  31. Mai is the best period . Shes a queen shes smart .. hahaha keep on hating..😂😂🤭

  32. Will your Girl ashley is Eliminated DESERVE WAHAHAHAHA . 😂😅😅 BOHOO FOR YOU

  33. I was wondering if Phil was cheating and saw the hands who put the gift box on his desk, which happened to be black hands in both cases 🧐🎣🤔

  34. Couldn’t disagree more with your reaction towards Mai and your reaction makes no sense sorry to say. How can anyone even defend what Ashley did is blowing my mind. Not only she was a hypocrite, but also very dumb and Trey left for nothing (she was literally number 5 on the glass bridge so would have left the game regardless, so the plan would have benefited her SO MUCH). Yet she “didn’t sign up for the plan” before Trey but was all on board when he left. Poor guy literally went for nothing. Mai is the only person who called her out on that. You go Mai, literally the only real one there and is very likeable and admirable.

    Also, how could people blame her for breaking the “girls plan” 😂 She was really close with someone for a long time and of course she would pick him instead of some girls plan that was created half an hour ago. She also wasn’t the only one who made this decision.

  35. Ughhhh Ashley is insufferable i dont know how youre rooting for her😅

  36. Ashley was so blind. Didn’t want to work with the team in the glass game so she got what she deserved! So rude too constantly running her mouth calling Mai a b*tch and so on 😒

  37. This is the first video I've come across of yours and as soon as you said Ashley was your favorite…I wrote the comment and exited this video lol.

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