Squid Game: The Challenge | Official Teaser | Netflix

What would 456 real people do for 4.56 million dollars? Squid Game: The Challenge, the new competition series based on our biggest show ever, premieres November 22 only on Netflix.


About Netflix:
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Squid Game: The Challenge | Official Teaser | Netflix


  1. Spoiler alert: Kardashians are casted

  2. this aint a fair game because it rigged to favor pre-selected people

  3. The show gave the message that the rich can play games using the lives of the poor, not matter how atrocious it is, as long as it's fair, blurring the lines of morality.

    Netflix: Let's make the game a reality, minus the actual meaning of the show!

  4. Did everyone already forget the controversy behind this? The game was rigged to have influencers win.

  5. Americans always mess it up, creating their own show. Before ninja warrior and now this.

  6. So no one at Netflix understood the message of their own show, huh? The Netflix audience would also be stupid to support this reality.


  8. 많은 사람들이 죽어 나갔겠네~~우짜노~~

  9. Someone at Netflix really missed the point of Squid Game…

  10. Wow… Netflix is really ripping off YouTube videos now… unbelievable…

  11. dafuq. I definitely do not want to see this. Got me all excited for Season 2 for nothing.

  12. I don't think this would be worth it instead all the money and time should have been spent in creating more shows instead of this. I hope Netflix breakevens or make any profit on this 😢

  13. Once again capitalism ruined something. Wake up workers of the world, the CEO class are lazy parasites.

  14. 🤨🤔didnt mr beast already make a reality squid games lol wheres season 2 🤬

  15. Nah. This won’t work. How long will it take for the second second to finally send parachutes for a successful landing on Earth. Squid Game is already good on its own. Looks like the reality series pales in comparison to its original source material.

  16. people should stop complaining its better than nothing while waiting for s2 like stfu dont watch it if u dont like it

  17. Netflix after seeing Mr. Beast Squid Games Video

  18. Yay, a reality version of an overhyped shitshow. 🎉

  19. Wait a minute this ain't season 2? How's a reality show supposed work with squid game. I mean no one's life is truly at stake here.

  20. Alice in Borderland is better😂😂😂

  21. It became exactly what it warned people about 🤦🏻‍♀️ An entertainment

  22. They all think its a game show about the show until red light hit and some one was caught lacking… lol

  23. If this is a reality show, then they better make it actually real.

  24. All though this looks interesting, we need season 2 not a new reality series. 🤷‍♀️

  25. Are they gonna be picked off like in the first season? 🤔

  26. Where is season 2 don't play with our feeling first give us season 2

  27. Since season 2 just started filming, i was surprised they already managed to put together a teaser??? Turns out it's just the reality show lmao 🤣

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