Squid Game: This Person Should Really Have Won

Did the right person win Squid Game? Here’s the player who should have made it to the end.

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  1. Sang-Woo was a fairly decent person outside of the game. But once he's in it, he's a total psychopath. That's the tragedy of his character

  2. first minute: Gi-Hun a nice person? Really? No. Steals from his mom, does nothing to give his daughter some love and is not planning on changing or saving but just keep gambling? and then we should like him cause he feeds some fish to a cat and he wins this game? nope. still a toxic person.

  3. It’s interesting that y’all mentioned Gun-yu being good at cultivating relationships because that’s exactly what won him the game. There’s a saying if you’re the smartest or richest in the room you need to find another room. His ability to cultivate relationships got him over the edge.

  4. Well I’m gonna say it: We need killer instinct to end capitalism. The system is enforced by those with killer instinct. The only way to win in a true death game of historical capitalism we either kill them or they kill us. So far they’ve been winning.

  5. You should take a look at Foundation of Economic Education’s video to get a different look at the series.

  6. I think this video missed the point. Capitalism is a game you cannot win. Even if you are good at it, you are just another pawn in a game of chess. Look at Il-Nam for example, he had all this wealth and was still miserable. He had no idea what to do with it. It favors the smart, cutthroat people that would do the unspeakable in order to win. Sung-Woo was like that, and if Squid Game was real, he might've won. But this vicious cycle would have continued. There are no winners in captialism, because it doesn't end. The reason why Gi-Hun left as a victor is because money didn't have power over him. (It did, of course, in the beginning of the show but over time it changed to a mindset of "I don't want to die.") He was so close to winning more money than he could ever dream of, and still wanted to end the game. Maybe it should've killed him like it killed Ali, Gi-Hun is naive and foolish, but maybe it's what saved him. He favored his relationships and saw Sang-Woo for what he really was. Capitalism has no use for those that can't be manipulated. This is an idealistic, utopic concept that unfortunately we can't afford in the world we live in, still – not playing the game.

  7. I liked him as a character. I can’t forgive what he did to Sae Biyok but his other actions were understandable given his situation.

  8. People like Song woo should never be allowed to win either the game or in real life ! They are evil and deserve to rot in the hell !

  9. Yeah but the thing is.. If he won.. More hate and dislike toward squid game.. It might make "more sense". But there is something about movie making you clearly don't get.. Backlash.

  10. We all know Sang-woo played the best games we watched the show.

  11. Wrong. Kang Sae-byok would have won. The glass bridge killed her.

  12. The thesis of this video is that Sang Woo should have won the squid games because he was the one who had the correct skill set. However, isn't one of the criticisms of capitalism that you can do all the right things, but still fail, or do all the wrong things, but still succeed if you happen to know the right people? In that regard, it makes sense Gi-hun would win through mostly piggy backing off of someone else's merits, right?

    I understand the point that those who tend to "win" at capitalism are usually those with the more questionable character traits, but I think it makes sense thematically that the guy who was most capable lost because someone else was lucky

  13. Well it's a survival game, no one that deserves to win will win

  14. And then GiYung is supposed to take the game down??? How? He’s trash at this game.

  15. Gi-hun didn't win by dumb luck, ya'll missed the point. He won because he connected with the people around him. The team they had would not have existed without Gi-hun. Gi-hun did the one thing that Sang Woo could never do; cared about others, even the weak. One of the "weak" happened to be the creator of the games. No one who "wins" in capitalism does so by luck, they do so by networking. Gi-hun was the best networker, therefore he had more resources. Sang Woo failed at capitalism outside of the games just as he did inside of the games, because of his selfishness.
    Also, there didn't have to be one winner. It never stated that in the rules. That's the lie of capitalism. Everyone believes that to be a winner, everyone else must lose. When the stakes are raised, humans become selfish. There were only three games in which someone had to lose. Those were placed there to make it seem hopeless, but other than that, more people could have gotten out alive. The last game could have been a team effort.

  16. This is not about capitalism man. And I still don't understand why so many people still see this show as a critique of capitalism. It may just as well be a critique of the bureaucratic system of the government, which forces us to play by its rules and pit people against each other. First of all – there is no single winner in capitalism, but almost all of them are winners. The chair you're sitting on, the computer you're watching this video on, the house you live in, the food you can buy in a store and you don't have to look for it in nature all day long – it's all a product of the division of labor (capitalism). Capitalism is free cooperation between people, nothing more and nothing less. The only thing you see are the extremely wealthy billionaires who, thanks to their companies, have improved their lives to an extreme level, but you no longer see the millions of people whose lives have improved thanks to the millions of products and inventions these capitalists provide them (no, not at their expense, but by mutual enrichment). This show is about people who got into a bad life situation (often through their own actions and inactions) and about the fact that instead of one bad option they got at least one (less bad) extra option. Capitalism is all that, as a member of society, you get in addition to the inhospitable jungle, where you would have to fight for bare survival every day.

  17. The difference is between relationships and luck vs. talent and self-reliance. I know and love this as a military officer.

  18. The winners were the 14 people who decided not to go back to the game and Murder other people for money.

    The lesson, the true lesson is to not be cruel other humans and is supposed to show us the ends don’t justify the means.

    99% of the audience failed to understand that I guess.

    Playing this game is no different than rationalizing a deal with the Devil and thinking you’re clever enough to doubled cross him.

  19. "Here's why Sang-woo should have won, and why that would have aligned more with what the show was trying to say"… I thought the show was trying to say "you might win loads of money, but you've lost your soul, so you still lose". and that's why Gi-hun winning was pretty satisfying. What would've happened if Sang-woo won? Would he have settled his debts and helped his mother and gotten the police off his back and become a better person? Doubtful. He's too ambitious. Gi-hun didn't even touch the money, he lost everything, the money was meaningless at that point, except when he finally used it to help his dead friends' families.

  20. IRL, Gi-hun would have died by the end of episode 1 because no one would have been there to hold him up and the snake thug or Sang-woo would have won the games.

  21. Sang Woo is a joke. He would absolutely gamble the money away in a day and then take the place of hwan in ho. It's the man who gambled on futures and lost 6 billion won we are talking about.

    Best choice is Sae Byok.

  22. Girl from North Korea should⁵ have won, but she is a woman, token character in a script written by men about men. They all have blind spot there.

  23. I think the "right" winner depends on what we personally value the most. Sangwoo was a more logical winner, but not the "right" one to me. Ali was the kindest, Saebyeok the one with the most tragic backstory, and Gihun the luckiest. It also would have made sense for the physically strongest character to win. Sangwoo would have bothered me the most, but it still would have made sense.

  24. I think Sang-woo losing the game mirrors the loss that motivated him to join the game in the first place. His dirty methods, despite leading to many successes, are what landed him so deeply in debt, just like in the game where his cutthroat tactics, despite leading to him nearly winning, also leads to his downfall. After all, it’s because he murdered Sae-byeok that Gi-hun had the motivation and drive to defeat Sang-woo in the first place.

  25. Really good points. This is a well-pled argument.

  26. I think calling Gi-hun's win a result of blind luck is taking away from his character. In the beginning, he talked to Sang-woo's mom about how he had a role to play in Sang-woo's education and subsequent "success". Sang-woo telling Gi-hun about the motion sensor in the red-light, green-light game was him returning a favour. After the favour was done, Sang-woo didn't bother helping Gi-hun during the Dalgona game. That's a game where we truly see if Gi-hun is left on his own, he is capable of coming up with a solution. When Gi-hun froze at the bridge game as he couldn't remember which tile to step on, Sae-byeok helps him out. But before that, he told Sae-Byeok to join their team if things get rough at night and also, took her in while all the women were being rejected before the Tug-of-war game. Yes he took advantage of Il-nam but he was also the one who chose Il-nam during two games where the old were getting rejected. I could see Il-num returning some kindness back to Gi-hun during the marble game.

    The sheer luck for him was Ali grabbing him during red-light, green-light and him picking the last number during the bridge game. I'm not saying Gi-hun doesn't get lucky, but you're discounting how a lot of what had happened to him was the good will he created paying off.

    I think it's fitting that he won the game. I think Sang-woo winning would perpetuate the message that capitalism can only be won by the rules of capitalism – selfishness, meritocracy, hard work, ambition etc. and there is no room for compassion or human connection. Gi-hun 'wins' capitalism using his own rules. But winning means nothing as he realizes money is worthless and won't buy him what he desires the most. His mother, his daughter, time etc. I'm glad the show gave us a heroes win. He didn't want the money (he tried to quit the game 3 times), and he still got it. One can hope that he would use it for good.

  27. See that's the thing with squid game. We assume that everyone will die except 1 but that's not what the rules say. They say those who make it through all 6 games will get the money. We as audience members assume that there will only be one winner since we've seen so many narratives that say the one winner trope.


  28. Having Gi-hun as a winner of this game, for me it is the most reasonable unreasonable result that it should be. He has a dumb look, his strength is average at best, he is being friendly, hopeful and cheerful in hard time where people need positive vibe the most. That's the underdog for you. Society always see person like Gi-hun as non-threatening. That makes most of the time people intentionally tend to help Gi-hun or unintentionally create the situation where Gi-hun himself can take the advantage from them. Moreover, there is the very important part that the characters in the series and many audiences here did not realize. It's the fact that not only he still has the same (or more) ambition to win the game as any competitors, but also he is not a stupid person at all . These all together bring him to the highest spot in the game. He is not that genius, not that talented and not that innocent. You can observe politics and entertainment industry, you will realize that there are a lot of "Gi-hun" who literally influence the world right now lol

    Moral of the story : An underdog is the real winner. Don't believe in alpha sigma outstanding position bs. Be an underdog who is not actually underdog.

  29. And also, I can't imagine what sangwoo can do after winning. Cops can't be more ready to arrest him. What's he gonna do? Bribe them? He already lose his credit in investing world. What's he gonna do? Built his own business? I dunno man. Sungwoo has too much to fix. That amount of money is a lot but it's not enough to fix his life to be great again for sure.

  30. Kang Sae-byeok was the the character that made the most sense to win the game based on Squid Game's themes. She has Gi-hun's selflessness in which she goes into the games for her family, but also Sang-woo's survival instinct. What she lacks is Sang-woo's intelligence and manipulativeness. But that didn't matter in the end, since she is fatally wounded by the glass by chance. No one knew that the glass would have shattered at the end. She happened to be closet to the glass shattering, but the glass could have fatally wounded Sang-woo or Gi-hun. Chance is what did Sae-byeok in, if she hadn't been injured by glass shattering I would assume she would have won the last game. She seems to be much better with a knife, not to mention she has a secret pocket knife that would have been a surprise to her opponent. Even if she were physically weaker than both Gi-hun and Sang-woo she could have likely been able to fatally wound either one of them and win. So chance does seem to have a lot of impact as to the survival of the winner.

  31. No … Ali should have won. He was the best

  32. The point of GiHun winning is that luck is often a major factor in succeeding, but also that there is still hope in the goodness of humanity, e.g. near the ending when the homeless person is helped.

  33. Gi-hun was competent enough, the luck of his relationships maintained him, and his rough background prepared him to learn the value of building relationships, since he always needed them for support, and prepared him to be a little bit ruthless but also not completely lose his moral compass. Makes sense that he was able to win. Brains and ruthlessness can help you over the long term but for short term luck is also important and depending on the scenario relationships are vital.

  34. Sang-woo should have won because the majority of what he did wasn't ethical or moral. "Winners" of capitalism or wealthy people most times don't win ethically. They win off of exploitation etc. Having Sang-woo win would add onto that "capitalism is not won by playing fair" idea.

  35. I think the ending is not far fetched since, Sang woo did not win in life even though he should have.
    What about the strong and resourceful Sea Beok, she lost because of bad luck just like being born in north koreaa

  36. I feel like the most deserving winner was Kang Sae-byeok. She was the most kind and respectful and had the best cause

  37. Sae-byeok should have won, no one can change my mind

  38. I wish that at least more than one person could win and survive especially since the game never says only one person could win. But if there was only one winner, I'm glad it's Gi Hun. Not just because I like him the most and he's the protagonist but because Sang Wu winning would be saying that using dirty tactics wins the game. But in reality, luck plays more part than dirty tactics and hence Gi Hun who advanced mostly by luck is more realistic in sending the message that doing everything right doesn't always win you the game as luck also plays a part.

  39. I think the reason they let Gi-Hun win the Squid Game is that Gi-Hun represents hope in humanity. He won because he was able to bring out the human in the other characters. He has this undying faith that humanity can do good even though everything else says otherwise. He's the only character that still believes they can all cheat the system and all win together. Stark contest to Sang Woo whose capitalistic mind knows you have to do whatever it takes to win, no matter the cost. Yes, Gi-Hun did win thanks to a lot of luck but if he would die at the hands of Sang Woo it would prove his philosophy wrong, no, there isn't any hope for a cold-blooded society from ever ending. The Squid Game will never die.

  40. Actually I’m cspitalism, often the it’s the most ambitious person who wins, and that often doesn’t mean they are the most talented or deserving… I know a few nepto babies who have a great job due to their dad, one I think did work pretty hard to earn that position, but the other partied four years, hardly went to class, but did graduate and now he is working for a big tech company because of his Dad basically donating a ton of money to the school, if he didn’t do that, his son doesn’t get into a pretty tough school… there are many success stories where the best and brightest don’t win

  41. The show isn't a very good metaphor for capitalism for the simple reason that people are competing on a level playing field.

  42. Just imagine this, Sang-woo wins but couldn't enjoy the money that he won in regret of killing his friend Gi-hun, sae-buyok, the guy on the bridge game, Ali & all others, later receives the message from old man, saves Gi-hun's mother, helps Ali's family and at the end decides to put an end to the games.

  43. Thanks for the vid. I don’t think the game’s rules was that there could only be one winner. A group could win. Sang Woo didn’t have to be so ruthless. And even if one could only win, I’m glad it wasn’t him. The theme of cynicism and nihilism prevailing in art is not my cup pf tea.

    And it is ironic that at the end of the day, Sang Woo had to rely on the promise and kindness of his best friend to save his mother.

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