1. 1st team won because of intense strength
    2nd team won because of intense teamwork

  2. Cố lên gi hun mạnh lên cố mạnh lên thắng rồi gi hun nhìn kang sae byeok kéo mạnh kìa

  3. Cố mạnh lên nào deok su thắng rồi yay

  4. Sae byeok ơi gi hun có bị loại hong ạ

  5. Thắng rồi deok su đến lượt gi hun team 4 nào hii

  6. Văn Hiệp,Bích Hà,Thiên Kim,Thiên An,Ngọc Linh TV says:

    Kéo mạnh lên gi hun

  7. 0:54 the fact that some of these guys aren’t dead yet is truly horrific

  8. imagine how awkward it would have been if sang woo's idea didnt work and they all ran in lmao

  9. Văn Hiệp,Bích Hà,Thiên Kim,Thiên An,Ngọc Linh TV says:

    Tội người chơi 063

  10. Văn Hiệp,Bích Hà,Thiên Kim,Thiên An,Ngọc Linh TV says:

    UU seong gi hun thắng rồi yay

  11. Văn Hiệp,Bích Hà,Thiên Kim,Thiên An,Ngọc Linh TV says:

    Nhìn sae byeok kéo mạnh kìa mạnh lên gi hun cố lên

  12. Văn Hiệp,Bích Hà,Thiên Kim,Thiên An,Ngọc Linh TV says:

    Mạnh lên luôn deok su

  13. Do the ones in charge allow bathroom breaks during this whole event?

  14. 😇🥶🥶🥶🥳😡🥱💌💌💘💤

  15. American series are always boring but this one was a rollercoaster. Good series 👍

  16. Some died of fall damage some survived on half a heart

  17. ഇതിലെ ഗെയിംകളിൽ ഏറ്റവും ഇഷ്ടപെട്ട ഗെയിം ഇതാണ്….വടംവലി 💥🔥👌💯

  18. Can somebody explain to me why they put a blood cross on that guys box?

  19. i hate squid game with the blood and it is just sad

  20. That scene where the rope finally breaks for them is such a relief

    They lay in the ground silent and we think as the viewer they really deserve it

  21. Get that fuckin next video suggestion outta my face, what's wrong with you putting it right over the video as it's still playing

  22. This was my favourite scene, it's tense and the old man's strategy pays off

  23. O still get goosebumps whenever i try to remember this scene

  24. me aand the boys be like while defeating an boss

  25. In my opinion probably the best scene in season 1 in squid game…

  26. Romans 10:9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.



  28. I always laugh at this scene, how did he talk that much in an elevator that takes like 10 seconds to get to the top lol

  29. Imagine if the main characters lost, and they then showed the story from the perspective of the random extras instead

  30. Green light is that it to get vs

  31. If the 456 team fall he didn't die 001 was a master mind

  32. I feel so bad for that guy who survived the fall and was just laying paralyzed on the floor while making a death rattling sound. They could of at least put him down before cremating him. Unfortunately the circle guards don't get a say in this.

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