Squid Game *VIRAL* TikTok SECRETS! (Squid Game Netflix Compilation)

Squid Game *VIRAL* TikToks Secrets! (Netflix Compilation)
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Most Viewed Squid Game Netflix TikTok compilation. All the MOST VIEWED Squid Game TikToks in one place – They’re funny, viral and we’re reacting to them all. Subscribe for MORE TikTok videos!


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Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A! (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)


  1. It's easy to make the Cookie some sugar to baking soda And then put it down on the surface and she a

  2. Ryan THE PANTHER - 7 Yr old Parkour Boy says:

    I joined squid game

  3. Bro thought sang woo was the main character

  4. I think squid game was based ture story was a lie because it never came up on the news

  5. I have not played it but. I’ve don’t the Dalgona candy

  6. They use injections that make them cry for no reasons

  7. Y'all might think glass bridge isnt a real game right? In my opinion, its hopscotch

  8. The squid game statue is in the philippines so now you realize it's not from the koreans. That statue is legandary.

  9. And Disney World at pop Century there was a card that was a squid game card it was so scary everybody was trying to pick it up

  10. he dye his hair red becous he thout his father referd in the clips died

  11. Ali-A The Doll In The Mall Is In The Philippines

  12. Me in squid game:I’m gunna beat everyone up slaps everyone to death on the attack night

  13. نیل آرمسترانگ از فضا says:

    Mr beast alredi made sqpuid game

  14. Or you can change the language Go to reader you're not doing the words just watch it regularly

  15. I tought that was a real shoot! But its fake roles!?

  16. I want to go squid game that will be fun but im kid i will wait ky age to go 11 age

  17. 10:45 the piggy bank is maybe real cause won is a very cheap currency and the cash looks like won 10k

  18. I like squid games and I’m only eight years old

  19. I KNOW THE SQUID GAME MOVIE I think it's the gods will

  20. Usually other YouTubers just pause throughout when reacting to them.
    However Alia here just goes through them quickly

  21. Fun fact: the actors use tear lipstick so they can cry and you put it under your eyes.

  22. The first clip of the red people are not squid game people 😂 because I went there and that’s Niagara Falls and people were red/blue/yellow suits / water protection they go on a boat with the rain protection because if you go on the boat you will get splashed there that’s why there are red blue and yellow rain protection suits it’s not squid game 😂

  23. I love how he posts on Ali-A and on MoreAliA, btw I love watching Ali he's inspiring and he's a funny person

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