Squid Game Z – What if Dragon Ball in Squid Game !【 DBZ PARODY 】

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#Squid_Game #Dbz parody del calamar 魷魚游戲


  1. Solo comento para que tengas más comentarios y no poner un "."

  2. Why are they even in squid games they can just
    Kill the gards

  3. Original please I need it I saw a guy from a show but a forgot a name I loved that show

  4. Yar ultra vageto ki bnao asi video
    Pliz bhai

  5. No joke bro the glass bridge made me laugh

  6. Just was missing the best part… between Goku and Vegeta

  7. 😶😐😐😱👍I like and love it

  8. Traduisez en français s'il vous plaît😮😊

  9. This video was stolen from you and reuploaded to Facebook

  10. the last game
    goku & vegeta: screw the rules, we fight our own way

  11. Goku snd Vegeta finished squid game in 3 minutes 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Fan fact Vegeta kill whole squid game army 😂

  13. Wait what Goku and Vegeta just cheated!

  14. ..イスラエル占領軍兵士が5,000人の子供を殺害

    이스라엘 점령군 병사가 5,000명의 아이들을 살해

    Israeli occupation soldiers kill 5,000 children


  15. Even if they lost, how you would kill them?

  16. Plot twist: they been wearing the potara earings and then they formed vegito and they both win

  17. If they did make it to the last game the entire Island would be destroyed when they started going out each other they'll just be nothing left not even the money not like one of them even needed it Vegeta enter Jess to fight Goku

  18. Bulma is a hero she helped vegeta❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  19. Goku would have ate the whole cookie. I'm calling BS on this.

  20. I only have small gripes
    Instant transmission dosnt work like that, but they could cross the room in the blink of an eye even without it.
    Vegita should be paired with Bulma for marbles for maximum drama
    Also violence wasn't allowed in marbles
    But ending with a Vegita Goku head to gead was great 👍

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