Stop Spoiling Squid Game!

These comments really need to chill with the spoilers! #shorts

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  1. The Ending Was really surprising when they revealed the Boss behind it was Squidward

  2. Loved that part when he won the games because his friend sacrificed himself

  3. The best part is when shrek becomes the doll and stomps over everyone one leaving green poops

  4. My favourite part was when it started raining chicken nuggets then spider man came and said I need to use the toilet

  5. I haven't watched it. I know what happens. I'm not gonna tell anything

  6. Have y'all seen the new squid game series

  7. I loved the part where number 69 wins the squidding game

  8. There is a part where all contestants have to make the perfect kulfi and they die if they don’t it was amazing scene

  9. 456 won squid game but his friends most of them were dead

  10. I love the part where the leader goes on stage a brexited ramos

  11. At the end of the game to make some money

  12. I have to watch quick games with a very long time

  13. I've literally never seen it besides memes.
    I know that it's about people in a game for money that ends with death. And there's the doll thing, plus people were absolutely addicted to it but aside from that, I've literally never seen anything about it. If you're watching a show, it's really not that hard to avoid having it spoiled. Just dont go looking for spoilers.

  14. My favorite part is when ever SpongeBob appeared and killed everyone And took all the money

  15. Actually the ending is. Is the main character winning🤓🤓🤓

  16. All I’m saying is it’s sad at the end

  17. the old man, 001, is behind it all and the main guy is the one who wins all the money

  18. In th end a giant squid appears and starts doing the default dance

  19. Bro I loved how SpongeBob just joined squid games at the end and won and even killed the guards

  20. Squid game viewers when the challenge is to stfu:

  21. I like the part that Patrick sings never gonna give you up in the end

  22. Then just don’t read the comments💀

  23. Spoiler! Multiple people die in every episode

  24. I’m a little late to this video

  25. I didn't know that the main character can sing

  26. I love the part when ypu burn down the city of Brisbane in squid game!

  27. My favourite part is when everyone turns into rick astley and rickrolls the audience

  28. The ending is one is having dinner with another guy after that its last game

  29. Go ahead delet my comment or call mr a dweeb ill report u uts just a movie

  30. So the real real black man in the suit it turns out to be the big boy man

  31. My favorite part is we're godzilla shirts on everybody

  32. i love when squidward went naked and killed everyone and twerked and did the gooofy AHH dance😂😂

  33. I personally liked the part where goodius the morning woodius got sturdy and started summoning Gorky in order to feed the pizza guy man who ate all the squid

  34. I absolute LOVED the part where spongebob kills everyone and twerks on stage.

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