Tall Athlete in Squid Game: Part 2 #Shorts

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  1. He was too tall for the doll to acknowledge as a human being. Or a being at all. And he's black. His lips are the same colour as his skin. So the doll couldn't see any of his movements.

  2. he just won the game in the first round 💀

  3. Just imagine squid game the first game, everyone just dies, except for one person

  4. Imagine they shoot the tall man and the bullet has penetration

  5. i lick oily old men but the comments will hide my secret

  6. How a tall man won the squid games immediately after game 1

  7. Everyone should just walk and then his eyes would blow up

  8. The beat with the gunshot as well damn, it was sick.

  9. We are all thr same height when we bite the dust and hit the ground…as bleak as that is in Squid Games.

  10. AI Engineers: I knew we should’ve included westerners in the training data. Now it can’t identify anyone taller than 5’8”

  11. The fact that he was moving when the first guy got shot is the definition of plot armor

  12. Imagine everyone dies here except for you and you become a millionaire xD

  13. We gonna just ignore the banger produced

  14. And then he won. Most anticlimatic squidgame season of em all

  15. CRINGE. I don't understand why people care about trends, they're just cringe.

  16. i wonder what would happen if everyone died in the first game except for one

  17. Ryan yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayaya says:

    That was actually fire ngl🔥🔥🔥

  18. I heard if you say yourfav youtubers name 3 time you get pinned


  19. Bruh this is the only time I'm happy I'm tall

  20. bro just walked off like nothing happened, true sigma💀

  21. If u cant see then use ur hearing since the doll sings ._.

  22. My man just explained my experience of being very tall

  23. tall people should have no right to complain abt their height lol its way harder being short and being tall only comes with good perks

  24. ちなみに、おじいさんも001もマーブルゲームまでは絶対に撃たれない☠️

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