The Ending Of Squid Game Season 1 Explained

“Squid Game” is the newest Netflix-distributed television program that’s exploding in popularity. The South Korean thriller follows, Seong Gi-Hun, a single father deeply in debt, who gets the opportunity to compete in a deadly series of children’s games for a massive amount of money. Competing along with him are hundreds of other similarly debt-ridden individuals as they battle to stay alive and claim the grand prize. With a premise like that, it’s no surprise that “Squid Game” has a body count that makes “Game of Thrones” look tame, and the show has plenty of surprises to go along with all that violence. Here’s the ending of “Squid Game” explained.

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  1. The question gets asked “Why?”
    However the Real question is, “Why Not?”
    Those people chose to play because they wasted their lives. No one bats an eye when Betting on Horses, Chickens, or even Sports. Everything is a game, and Money is everything.

    Dave Chappelle makes a good quote from his father “Know your Price.”

  2. This doesn't explain a thing. This is just what we saw in the series.

  3. This is exactly what I've been waiting for

  4. I don't like how the old man stood up to stop the riot and being dramatic, Remembering he was the creator of the game 👀

  5. I want Gi Hun to go John wick on the organization.

  6. That ending was trash.
    I’m upset he didn’t just get on the plane

  7. What I didn't understand is why the old man put people through literal torture if he wasnted to relive his childhood. Why not simply have the games?

  8. Why did I watch this now I know what happens

  9. I thought the whole series was great up until the final episode, which I didnt understand at all.

  10. This is practically the purge but up to 11

  11. The games were started before player 1 was diagnosed fyi

  12. The 131 dislikes is from the guy wearing number 131 from the show

  13. Ugh I really don't like how she pronounce Korean names

  14. Gi-Hun..doesn't work hard….doesn't play by the rule…He stole his mom's money..never keep promises to his daughter…and gamble away is money and his life….How can you miss all that??? wow

  15. I dont think they said the old guy created the games after he had cancer. Also weren't the first game in 2005 or something. I dont think you live with a brain tumour for 15 years

  16. At the end I thought he gambled all that money away so quick in a year

  17. This was literally just a recap 😒

  18. Next season of Squid Game

    Gonna be "John Wick : version 2".

  19. Is anyone else mad they keep referencing The Hunger Games and NOT Battle Royale? Or am I the only person who knows that movie 😅

  20. I thought live action English dubs went out of style decades ago, I never knew they were still a thing, lol.

  21. No one would agree to kill each other and lose your humanity. The agreement much like most which is why there is blood sucking lawyers to make it as deceptive as possible.

  22. I love it I,m in 4 grade and my hole class and school loves it but the teachers nope

  23. Every episode of this series is heart-wrenching
    Geez such an eye opening & thought provoking series

  24. 10 minutes in? load of "SHITE" deleted…..

  25. I feel like they were going to kill him on that plane

  26. The ending was ridiculous. Even when this man has all the money he could possibly need he still finds a way to let his daughter down. The reason he went through the game in the first place was for his mother and daughter. He couldn't save his mom on time and he walks away from the opportunity to be closer to his daughter. It was just like in the beginning of the series when he promised her a million different things for her birthday and couldn't deliver on his promises. Now he has the means he STILL chose not to deliver on his promises. It suddenly became abt him and his ego trying to compensate for his survivor's guilt.

  27. some of the chracters should have remain in life

  28. Was terrible,,,it wasted my time 🥴

  29. bruh its pink and cyan, and cyan is more blue than green

  30. Did you even watch it?? Your vid is less than 5 minutes long, and I can’t believe the stuff you got wrong

  31. its the great grandma who died cuz gi -hun handed hang sang -beyoks bro to his mother who cuts the fish

  32. Everything was good till that ending.
    He promised so much to help.. And to be with his daughter.
    And he decided to go back? Bruh, I was yelling like.. GO WITH YOUR DAUGHTER AND LET THE SECOND SEASON DROP WITH A NEW MAIN CHARACTER -_-

  33. I think there shouldn't be a season 2 but I know based off the popularity alone there will be. I did not like the ending reveal but still a great show.

  34. How did they not know they would be killed if the games always were happening I guess it is in private ?

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