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The Guards of Squid Game (2021) Explained. A quick comprehensive guide and analysis of the guards/staff in Squid Game. In this video I will also be pointing out things like the meaning behind the shapes and hidden details. As well as debunking theories like whether or not choosing a red square meant that you were going to be a guard and choosing a blue square meant that you were going to be a player. So who are the guards? Find out in this video!

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This video was made by Bryce Edward Brown


  1. One more thing the circle guard can't speak without the permission of their superiors

  2. I would be a triangle gaurd, always bloodthirsty for rulebreakers…

  3. I actually saw someone with boobs or what seemed like boobs amongst the guards so I this there may be some thug women

  4. My theory is why didn’t they add the X mask it’s part of the PlayStation

  5. 3:28
    Bryce: Who are these people behind the mask
    Me: instant THAT'S WHAT THE POINT OF THE MASK IS flashbacks

  6. I watched this on Netflix I am a kid I am 10

  7. Romans 10:9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.


  8. Oh wow I just realized the front man will likely pick his brother as the new front man

  9. I thought maybe the guards are military, they know guns, and are willing to kill

  10. Not guards soliders:there's a s9ng called pink soliders

  11. "basically the least fun job" that got me xD

  12. I would probably be a square not triangle because I have to kill people circle seems boring

  13. Really hope they dive deeper into the guards in the 2nd season

  14. Calling them “field trip missions” just makes it sound so innocent-

  15. Ok the people chosen as a guard never wanted to kill them but they had too then how will they get back home

  16. I would be a squid game guard if I was only a square!

  17. Well all squares do keep a pistol on hand, but that can actually be hidden unlike a large rifle.
    So technically if a player was paying attention enough they could realize the square has a pistol in the beginning.

  18. There's another fan theory which says that the guards are recruited from criminals most particularly who are evading from the laws (as seen from a group of rogue guards who are organ dealers as well why they have no problem in killing the players and don't dare to expose the game to the authority) and/or orphaned children who were kidnapped then raised or brainwashed to be the loyal guards especially for the high-ranking position (which may explain why the unmasked manager in the episode 3 is a young man and he doesn't even flinch or show other reaction when the player suddenly shoots himself) which seems more sense than the red-blue card theory. Beside that, the season 2 will also most likely reveal more about the guards like how they're selected according to their ranks, how to ensure that they don't expose the game, and what they do after the game ends.

  19. What was the one guard doing on his phone in his notes

  20. 3:56 Those Jackets Look Green Or Cyan They Don't Look Blue

  21. Tbh I don’t think Triangle Guards are criminals since they are too disciplined. Maybe they are military defectors who were paid to staff the games?

  22. The cop is frontman and the one that is a player that farlos is he brother cop

  23. Their kids they’re teenagers did you see episode two

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