The Meaning of SQUID GAME Explained

This video essay reviews Netflix’s Squid Game and explaining the meaning of Squid Game. This video analyzes how the characters react to certain incentives in order to survive. While the social commentary about the ruthlessness of capitalism are obvious, there is more to the series, Squid Game, so let’s take a look and come to a better understanding about what Squid Game teaches us about human nature, incentives and the meaning of life.

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0:00 Why Would Anyone Play?
2:57 What the Games Teach Us
8:42 The Meaning of Life

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  1. Religiosity…ethnicity and race are also worth mentioning.

  2. Great video, great show. Appropriate metaphor for our messed up world.We can do so much better.

  3. Great review. I hated those reaction vids where they say the participants had a choice when there was actually no choice for them. How fair and equal is playing tug of war when you're a woman or old man? I mean weak? Is that really fair? When the players figured out how to cross the bridge, the front man who was talking about fairness all the time turned off the lights. Is that fair? Sang Woo thinks he was alive only because he worked so hard and others are dead because they are not as smart, but was it really? People who we thought must have done wrong things and deserved bad situations, could just be unlucky or was born with poor conditions. It's like they just got the bad starting point to play and chose the wrong step on the bridge when others got the good starting point and chose the right step by luck. Also, about the players coming back knowing they could die. Does that make their deaths suicides? Think about why a sucide is also called the social murder. Unlike most other famous death games, in this show, players are not killed directly by other players at least during the games. They are mostly killed by the authorities as the result of losing the cruel life games. That's telling us something. These are the questions director is throwing at us and not many reviewers seem to get it.

  4. Squid game is: human will do everything to get money and it’s horrible seeing the rich ppl watching the poor that is the message in squid game guys

  5. I think your wrong in your analysis about the unofficial night game riot. It isn't about what society would look like without laws, it's about how the wealthy elite ruling class is ok with, and in fact facilitates, the directly violent competition amongst poor people (robbery, drug and sex trafficking, murder, etc.). And the only time they actually care about that crime is when it threatens the better off; the Front Man stops the riot when Il-nam is scared; the government doesn't do anything actually meaningful/efficacious to stop crime, but as soon as wealthier areas are threatened, the hammer comes down.

    Or, an adjective idea is that the government uses tough on crime and punitive punishment policies with the justification that it is to protect society. But which part of society? Are the poor and criminal not citizens in need, who do what they do out of economic oppression? So, the part of society that is being protected is the wealthier, more deserving parts–as if it is the poor's fault they are poor.

    But yeah, I don't really like the State of Nature idea you put forth.

  6. Day 1 of asking for a video for power from starz

  7. I got a Stanley Kubrick vibe from watching Squid Game.

  8. Part of it is about capitalism but capitalism never forced you to make bad decisions. It's pretty balanced. Shows the dark side of both sides. It's always this argument of "the rich exploits the poor" but in Squid Game it shows the poor are also poor decision makers that f**ked up their lives. Because of that, they are at the mercy of "the rich". They've made their bed and slept in it. Very balanced in politics if ya ask me.

  9. The whole concept of the game being “fair” is so contradictory. The creator being in the game with no stakes, the “everyone is equal except here’s a game where teams with strength end up winning except the team with the creator who knows strategies and even then they only won thanks to a last minute trick that wouldint have been there without the old man stalling most likely. Then the glass game with going first. Dosent matter if the numbers are blind it’s not an equal opportunity when you have a 2 to the power of thousands of getting across vs everyone else

  10. I made a squid game 3 minutes with the real movie like FMV edit, It would be much appreciated if you check it out!

  11. At this point it's not even a critique of the worst excesses of capitalism it's a critique of capitalism, of what we're living under NOW. The story is set now not in a far off future but in the current climate and it's all too real, that's what separates it from stuff like hunger games.

  12. Do you know how to win, or do you know how to play?

    Great question.

  13. during its most famous scene, Korean adults play a game where a little girl utters the phrase: "Mugunghwa kkoci pieot seumnida" meaning "The Habiscus flower has bloomed" and people are killed if they dont listen

    The habiscus flower is a symbol of femininity.

    the metaphor is essentially "accept femininity or be killed"; and probably directed towards North Korea (a nation that is a symbol of Asian patriarchy aka 'manhood')

  14. I expected to watch a simple analysis video but got a great philosophy lesson instead. Very well explained!

  15. It's not just Entertainment. Open your eyes. all this has the game makers and the game players. The question is who are the game makers setting rules, terms, tests and conditions. What power do they have and is the price worth risking all that for? Who really wins?

  16. My favorite scene has got to be where gi-hun lays next to his mother. You expect him to cry or scream over her death, but he’s so emotionally worn out that he just lays there. God it’s so beautiful

  17. Squid game is God's warning to the ELITE. When the hunter becomes the hunted during these current Covid days. Final judgment is waiting for you, choose Jesus, God's Son, He died on the cross for your sins brothers and sisters. Do not die without Jesus's blood to cover your sins, without His forgiveness.

  18. The story is more about inherent homo-sapien traits then capitalism. People are corrupt by default and survival of the fittest is a fact for all living things. Dont try to push the argument towards "capitalism bad" as if this shows main focus was about economics or politics. Regardless of the comments of the director what he filmed is still strictly about human condition first and money second.

  19. The Squid game was also to show how fundamentally flawed we are as human beings, that we are ultimately self interested and we will do what it takes for our own selves, take the main character, right when they're put back into real life the first thing he can think about is his money that the woman took, he goes to say "please help me I'm freezing" and the lady says "no because you're just going to ask me where your money is" and he says "no I'm not I swear on my mother" she helps him and instantly asks where his money is

    Also the last exchange between Jim and the Old Man he says it straight up, "after all this, do you still think you can trust Man?" And play a game multiple people walk by a homeless man who is dying, not a single one lifts up a finger, but only one person actually did the right thing and called the police just before midnight, the point of that wasn't that "man is good because of this" no the point of that was to give hope that there are some good people in this society filled with people who are self interested, also with the marbles, Jim was taking advantage of the Old Man's supposed Dimentia, we will do whatever it takes to win even in dishonest ways, even the best of us who want to do the good thing

  20. i don't get it, just finished this series and folks like you keep saying its a critique of capitalism like lol there isn't anything remotely hinting at politics rather its everything to do with morality. in one of your scene you showed the english dub saying 'equal opportunity' but in the translated sub version says 'egalitarian' pertaining to treatment not opportunity. even at the death bed scene the old man says why he did isn't hinting at critiquing capitalism rather he believes humans are inherently evil and not good that's why he did what he did.

  21. learn what "begs the question" actually means–like most ultracrepidarians what you meant (and free education) RAISES THE QUESTION

  22. Awesome break down! Loved every minute of the explanation! Thank you!

  23. If you show scenes that are in dub you immediately lose all credibility.

  24. 100% true, glad to see it put so simple even die hards can’t just look past what they don’t wish to see! It’s a painful wake up call for many!

  25. This channel misunderstands Capitalism completely…

  26. Really good analysis but did you need to show the dubbed version? Sounds so cringe.

  27. I was looking exactly for this.Thank you 🙂

  28. You watched it with dubs not subs. Shame, the Korean is much better. And you loose some of the texture that comes with how expressive the actors are. It also works better at communicating this is not 'our' country for an of us from the English speaking world and seeing a different national perspective – while also very much allowing another central critique of the show to poke through. Korea being a supposed harmonious society because it is largely mono ethnic and this inspires social solidarity is a sham. Sure Ali is treated worse and misused worse than any of the Korean characters and his situation is the most sympathetic but none of the Korean characters avoided this situation or got any help from society.

  29. This really needs more views. Squid game is about politics and how we’re in a game of life or death

  30. I love the analysis but man did you really watch the dubbed version? Why would you do that to yourself? Why??

  31. Just finished watching this and what a rollercoaster

  32. I started watching this show in June and I was blown away. One thing you learn is you need to forgo emotional attachments to make the most money which is something America's richest men know something about.

  33. I respect how you structure your lecture. amazing quote: " you may know how to win but not how to play"

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