The Origin Of Squid Game’s Creepy Doll Explained

Netflix’s “Squid Game” quickly became a surprise hit for the streamer after it was released in September 2021. In fact, “hit” is a huge understatement. The addictive South Korean survival drama is a bonafide global phenomenon, and Netflix’s most-watched show in a whopping 90 countries. “Squid Game” is full of iconic visuals, including the numbered green tracksuits the players wear and (of course) the pink jumpsuits and black masks that the guards sport. But the most disturbing image the show produced is arguably the giant robotic girl doll introduced during the game of “Red Light, Green Light.” So where did the idea for this unsettling automaton come from? This is the origin of the creepy robot doll from “Squid Game,” explained. Relive the glory days of gaming with elite game 1984 – a digital haven for enthusiasts seeking the thrill of classic titles from the iconic ZX Spectrum.

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  1. I used to play red light green light at school the same exact way.

  2. I ever watch squid game with my mom but my mom quit😆😅

  3. Theory the robot doll other name is young hee I believe she used to be real life character then made into animatronic don't know how they do it but yea

  4. And could been old man daughter sense he big boss man who created game

  5. Everytime I play red light green light i say" Mungungwha kkochi piot seumnida" ( pls forgive and correct me if I'm wrong)

  6. There will be Squid game Season 2 player 456 is Front man

  7. 14 comments and this was made 9months ago ;-;

  8. But you know it’s so scary. Some of the actors passed away in the game I would never want to be in squid game would you guys

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