The Squid Game Cast React To Their Own Show | Netflix

Squid Game is the Korean drama that has taken the world by storm. In this video the cast and director breakdown the series, giving you exclusive insight into how the show got made.

Starring Hwang Dong-hyuk (director), Lee Jung-jae (Seong Gi-hun), Park Hae-soo (Jo Sang-woo), and Chae Kyung-sun (art director).



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The Squid Game Cast React To Their Own Show | Netflix

Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits — with deadly high stakes.


  1. I wish they didnt make gi-hun so lovable, it'd be easier to kill him off and let sae-byeok or sang-woo win instead… It'd make more sense, they're much more clever than gi-hun

  2. "how violent do you want the show to be?" the director: "yes"

  3. Ali wasn't a good character, he was very one dimensional, his whole personality was that he was nice while everyone else had complex and multilayered personalities. Even the annoying women is more interesting than Ali. The best character is sang-woo imo

  4. “I thought I should cast people who arent well known”
    Well their clearly well known now

  5. Where is the person that played Ali 🙁 none of their scenes

  6. I am glad n super happy that they casted Ali since i love bollywood n korea , n its very very rare to see a collaboration with these 2 country

  7. This is for God people Jesus is coming back soon!!!! Please just talk to him in prayer HE IS FOR YOU not against you ❤:) (Not forcing anyone you don't have to.But just saying why don't you give it a try)

  8. This show had some of the best written characters I have seen in a series. Really got me 100% invested

  9. 황감독님 수상한그녀 참으로 감명깊게 봤던 기억이 납니다
    그런분이 이런 명작도 만드셨군요
    앞으로 지켜보겠습니다
    이쯤되면 1000만 영화 하나 만들어봐야죠?? 응원합니다!!!


  11. every actor played 200% and Ali played 250% of his ability

  12. 12:03 the Jun Ho’s cast in this show was one of your greatest jobs you’ve done, sir. It is a legend.

  13. Park hae soo… so handsome!❤❤❤❤ watched prison playbook, was funny and innocent. I love him so much!!!!❤❤❤❤

  14. Art director is the real hero here. She's amazing 🤩

  15. For this to be a deadly disturbing game of chance and luck, they sure enjoyed it

  16. I watched it twice In English then decided to watch it in Korean subtitles English and wow! what a difference! You must hear characters in their original voice it's a whole new experience

  17. I can't read the English subtitles against the art directors white dress.

  18. I have to thank the director for making this show

  19. 7:05 Correction of translate: I thought they were like Idol group H.O.T (90s idol group who wears colorful clothes)

  20. sangwoo's story is honestly so sad.
    i really wanna see a mini spin off series where instead of gihun winning, we get to see sangwoo win instead. and see how he reacts to the aftermath of everything.

  21. The actor of Gi Hun is just what we all look in for a man. He is so humble ❤️

  22. The dalgona scene of Gi-Hun realising how he could beat the challenge was perfect. It was funny and terrifying at once and because of that really sucked the viewer in. There's so many layers on that single act.

  23. What I loved so much about this series is how human the characters are, and how perfectly they were portrayed. It's one of the very few series that I can say is wonderfully crafted. The scene 22:45 is, I agree, full of tension, much better than watching an action scene.

  24. I just come to see the story writer,,how an unimaginable & super scary, unique story had his brain 🔥!

  25. 시즌2는 성기훈 말고는 다 새 인물이겠네요

  26. Brillient. But i also still wonder what happened to the husband and wife partners in the marble game 😭

  27. If we saw the actor who played Jung Deok-Su (Player 101) I wonder how he’d react and what his real attitude is like because we never see a true happy version of this guy in the movie because he’s a criminal.

  28. The visuals are amazing nice job to the art director she did an amazing job….so smart

  29. I love the director's creativity and ideas and the way he added his childhood into this series

  30. that was the best series ever but I didn't like that bathroom scene between those two u know I just skipped it 😂😂

  31. The thing with korean movies or shows is you can't even hate the villans cuz of the way they portray everything. Totally a fan!!!

  32. Man this is weird I swear, squid game was good and actually really well directed and had good characters but it wasn’t really anything out of this world compared to what I’ve seen, reminds me of mr beast and faze rug videos, like these dopamine rush intense scenarios, and just the concepts, and this show was just astop tier as most marvel movies, as in marvel movies are also well directed and show a lot of sentimental value, but man the people in the comments it’s like they never had emotions and for the first time experiencing they, ig cuz marvel is fictional or in a different way so naturally it deflects an audience for some reason but it’s just as squid game rooted with human based emotional decisions but ofc it’s all hypothetical as movies are but we act like they’re real for 2 or so hrs and just hop into another world that’s how we enjoy movies, but idk why squid game was more well received, ig cause it’s the best way to connect to the most normal common stubborn brain, since it’s real life based- by humans, and debt money issues which is a world wide thing and something like this wouldn’t be as far fetched as it seems but still is crazy, it’s a crazy idea if something like this were to be the case, but I’m telling you squid game was pretty mid (still really good) but compared to everything like Mr Beast, Faze Rug, Marvel movies, it’s nothing that new or out of this world

  33. 줄다리기 장면에서 다들 고생들하셨겠네요🥲 하지만 그만큼 실감나게 다들 힘쓰고 녹초되는 모습이 그대로 담겨서 가장 실감나는 장면이었어요~

  34. You don’t know house this was so hard for me they speak a different language and I only speak English so this was so hard and I didn’t have my results by reason so it was even harder😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆

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