The Squid Game Effect #shorts



  1. Oh now i realise why apple released a new colour for iPhone 13

  2. Italian language was added some months later after the series came out

  3. Nobody:

  4. Damn Daniel back at it again with the white vans

  5. FollowmeonInstagram Fourcats one dog says:

    I hate squid game it’s so bad

  6. Actually people like mr beast had chanels in different languages even before squid game came out

  7. 《무작위 사람》 • 38 years ago says:

    A lot of people said they were gonna dress up with squid game outfits on Halloween.
    I didn’t even care how many people went like that, I just wanted to dress up as a guard.

    So I got the costume (I was the only one) and LITERALLY my first step into the building, my outfit got recognized.

    So Halloween 2021 had a lot of “oh you’re from squid games!” And “please don’t kill me!”s.

    It was super fun! My best Halloween yet. (It was my second Halloween)…

  8. The fact my fav color is the exact same color, dark teal, on the squid game suit and that was even before I found out that squid game even existed, last month.

  9. I have a adidas sweater with a white stripe and people say it’s from squid games 🤦‍♂️

  10. Squid Game was ready, they knew the drip would be popular.

  11. Bro I just bought a pair of white vans to match a dress I have lol

  12. Wait but I thought 100% was the max abd he's going like 7800% and 200% am confused can anyone explain it?pls?

  13. About the white vans…
    Did kidnappings rise?

  14. I'm I the only one who watched it with subtitles in Korean?

  15. Who knew a netflix series xould xhange the internet

  16. All this because people are sheep and can’t have their own personality

  17. Hey fix the American flag since they speak English, and English originated in the United kingdom

  18. Fact:Mr.Beast squid game is more popular than the og movie.

  19. I feel like white vans were really popular before squid game too

  20. a lot of youtubers were doing that before squid game

  21. Unpopular opinion: the English dub wasn't that bad actually

  22. "The release of Squid Game and it's consequences"

  23. isn't this the "Netflix" effect? rememeber Queen's gambit?

  24. and we're cutting this video off to capitalize on the largest possible market,-

    (youtube shorts)

  25. I remember seeing Mr.beast dub a video in a different language before squid game was out

  26. Man that has to be the cleanest loop I’ve ever seen

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