The Squid Game Reality Show is Exactly What You Expected

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0:00 I’m Losing It
1:28 Squid Game
6:55 Squid Game: The Challenge
15:06 this show is bad
29:27 Game Shows
34:50 Conclusion
37:54 Outro

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  1. Another thing that gets me about this show is that they reuse a lot of the games in the show because it’s what people know from the show. But the contestants also know about the games, and already saw the show, so they know the strategies characters in it used. It takes a lot of suspense out of it if people already know what to expect more or less

  2. Do you think game shows would be better if the contestants were all paid a living wage upfront and were mostly just competing for fun or prestige? That's how Taskmaster does it, and I much prefer that in comparison to the gross exploitation we see on tv-these days.

  3. Thought pretty much the same about hbomberguy's conclusion word for word. Money is usually the reason why people fuck each other over.

  4. As soon as he stole that orange wig from Ronald McDonald the show went downhill

  5. It reminds me of the issues Love is Blind has been having, with the lack of food, grueling filming hours, etc

  6. Fuck the Tim Pool clip made my brain hurt.

    Who is taking this guy seriously ? He can't read something that basic.

  7. Jack, I'm so glad you're back on youtube. I know it's been a while, but I still get that happy feeling every time you upload. Very sorry about your visa situation and I hope you find a way through that. My friend is married to a British citizen and they spent an ungodly amount of money and went into debt trying to keep her in the country. Nobody should be going through that… Thanks for another thoughtful video.

  8. I really love the inclusion of "contracts" in this show because it helps to show just how BS capitalist "contracts" are. Not only are the contestants pressured by the stresses of capitalist society to sign, but they have absolutely no power to protect themselves from abuse, or the cheating of other players(it's not like the ppl who lost because of the cheater are magically brought back from the dead), or to enforce stipulations upon the game's producers, whereas the producers and staff can violate THEIR obligations at anytime; in fact are EMPOWERED to decide when those contracts have been violated. The "contracts" in squid game are a parody of the utterly meaningless "contracts" we're all forced to endlessly sign in real life; unfair, biased, entirely onesided, and thus not really contracts at all. They are contracts which make a farce of the entire legal theory of "contracts".

  9. Squid gam with people of color

    bottom text

  10. r/arkhamasylum reference? or am i trippin?

  11. Reality tv is a disgusting tv format. But – some young, fame and money hungry people were put through discomfort – so?! Nothing new.

  12. i haven't watched squid game bc it's just not my thing, but it got so popular that i obviously ended up knowing something about it and it was clear a Torment Nexus should've never been made. it's almost unbelievable how the creators of the reality show are exactly the people who are being criticized in the series

  13. The old man being on the team and it being plot armour, even though it’s supposed to be fair—it’s not a plot hole. It’s a direct condemnation of poverty tourism and the inherent ‘fairness’ in capitalism. The smugglers were only killed because they violated the aesthetics of the game, the aesthetics of fairness, as we see later fairness is a lie (with the glass bridge).

  14. "I can't believe making a real Torment Nexus lead to unbelievable suffering?! How could we be led astray by 'DON'T CREAT THE TORMENT NEXUS' Best selling book?"

  15. Is it controversial to say that the people in the game who suffered poor treatment kind of had it coming?

  16. That scene involving the dumbass VIPs now feels a lot more realistic than it used to.

  17. Low-key one of your best videos yet. Or at least one with the best set up for the point. That's all, dope shit.

  18. good video i hope that commenting helps some more folks see it

  19. i can already tell that the defense line in the suit is going to be: "We made a reality show about squid game, did these contestants expect NOT to get mistreated?" Reminds me of that time when models got sexually harassed on set of Robin Thicke's music video about sexual harassment

  20. the rugrats music was an excellent choice

  21. Can't we just call this whole chapter; Big brother 2; but worse?

  22. I remember people wanting to get into it with me on Instagram because I commented that the creators missed the point of the show. People were like “they’re not actually dying; stop being so sensitive; I bet you’re fun at parties,” etc etc.

    Taking the original Squid Game, and making it “safe” and non lethal, enlisting people to play who aren’t literally on their last shot, and effectively turning the audience into the VIPs, literally removes so much of the nuance of the show. It’s just a child game themed competition show, and it’s boring. And people who think the spin off is compelling…I’m sorry, it’s not. Objectively.

  23. Money does truly ruin everything. I am really far removed from believing in the system anymore and I'm trying to deprogram myself from in every day. But money still comes up not only as a stress in my everyday life but also in my social life. Going out with friends who have more money, giving presents for Christmas and birthday etc. The relationship gets ever so slightly shadowed by money coming into it and it makes me very sad

  24. When this new show was announced I sort of wondered if the creators watched the og show with the dub instead of subtitles… although I did the same with my first watch and still understood all the themes

  25. These monsters keep finding new ideas to make exploitation seem more acceptable to its victims and more sellable to consumers. Its utterly grotesque.

  26. for the thing at 5:00, literally we see that the old man's shackles on the rope were loose, if they were losing, he'd just let go and be saved while the others lost

  27. the bleak irony of turning This show into a real game show really shows we are living in the worst possible timeline

  28. then they put out a show about the dystopian conditions of the squid game gameshow and then the show gets a gameshow, one hand washes the other

  29. The quiet part getting louder is a good thing in this case. Material pressures do be shit.

  30. 7:55 Honestly I'm more offended that you pronounced his name "Shoe Tucker" /j. lmao

  31. Rich people revel in being the villain, or the winner as they see it. Vince McMahon is literally the asshole he plays on WWE.

  32. Is there a lore explanation for referencing ham aslume? Are you stupid?

  33. This is why Great British Bake Off is the best reality show. There is no prize money, so everyone is super nice to each other. And when someone gets injured or feels unwell, it’s perfectly fine for them to take an episode off or leave. We need more nice reality shows like GBBO

  34. It's such a small point in all of this, but I always laugh at people who buy into the gamemakers' BS and really believe the point of Squid Game is for everyone to be equal and that makes the old man a plot hole. These are the same people who think Joker is telling the truth in The Dark Knight when he tells the guy he's gaslighting with chaos theory that he's totally also an agent of chaos, and then instead of realizing that's bullshit because the Joker clearly has all these intricate plans they call it a plot hole. Like, do they realize the villains can LIE?

  35. Game shows are exploitative and coercive, but also very ableist. aside from them mostly being physical or mental challenges that exclude people in a more obvious way, when disabled or nurodivergent people are on a game or reality shows their disability is usually made thier character.

    Game shows don't just downplay people's struggles and reasons for gambling physical and mental health for money, they also reduce people down to easily exploitable and marketable traits that often tokenize and steryotype minorities.

    I had to stop watching drag race because It just became so apperant that the queens were pushed to share stories about sexual, and physical trauma, as a last ditch attempt to not have their time and money wasted. Like they'd talk in the testimonials about how much they spent to get there only to be told to leave because one of ru Paul's friends doesn't like the color green. It's literally a member of a minority group who got lucky and got famous, using ther position to exploit and demean others who are less advantaged. It really disgusts me how many people just watch blatant coercive control, manipulation, and exploitation of people, and call that entertainment. The only way a game sow can be moral is In a world where we provide a basic level of stability to everyone. But game shows disgust me and I think people who pretend concepts like battle Royale, death race, hunger games, or squid game, are outlandish or heavy handed in their messaging are willfully ignoring the blatant exploitation of reality.

    If we want to be honest with ourselves the biggest most exploitative game show is capitalism, our base economic structure is at its core a squid game. We do our tasks and complete our challenges but if the judges don't like us they'll increase the ammount of tasks to force an elimination. However unlike in a death game scenario no one shoots you for failing, you're just forced to endure a short life of nothingness while the audience blames you for not being able to compete. The way we treat homelessness is literally just to afford an opportunity, for those who were born lucky with the right traits to succeed and move in to the next arbitrary challenge, to mock and judge those who failed the game before the realities of life eliminate them from the competition permanently. Same goes for anyone with a disability, even if you get economic support because the state agrees you can't work now, You need to constantly prove that those barriers didn't disappear to continue to receive less than minimum wage.

  36. I didn’t watch most of the show, but I saw the one episode where big beard man dumps his trauma and it made me feel icky. Like, this is his trauma, not something owned by the producers for profit. I can’t imagine it’s easy to talk about your abusive family with strangers, but anyone with a Netflix account knows now.

    I also feel bad for Ashley. For simply not being a “team player” now the internet hates her. People have done far worse things for that kind of money. And all that was for nothing. I hope she’s doing alright surrounded by people who love her

  37. I have not seen the show but I know what happens and even I looked directly into the camera when I saw this show was happening, just like when that big youtuber did it

  38. I've heard how awful a lot of the contestants in the Squid Game reality show had it, yet I'm applying for the next season. Why? Because I am so desperate for money that I'm willing to do something dumb like that.

    Living in the UK on a visa and terrified of not being able to afford my next visa and having to leave my partner, who is british and the only person I want to spend my life with. I can't be with him if I can't stay in the UK.

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    no i dont know why i said shoe tucker. I looked it up and everything and thought i did so well by not saying shao

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