The Tall Athlete in Squid Game: Part 1 #Shorts

Season 2 needs a tall guy! @Chewkz


  1. turns the lights off
    “Where did they go!?”

  2. I swear some people say height doesnt matter in basketball. This is why it does, this skit proves why

  3. Poor guy
    Instead of picking easy mode
    He got an alternate account

  4. This could be me just completely overthinking things and possibly misunderstanding the plot, but the "096 eliminated," was that like SCP-096, tall and lanky?

  5. So nobody notices when he made the Stephen curry preference at the end and the lights turned off and he swished 😭

  6. "Take eazy on me pls"

  7. Who let SCP-096 start ballin on the court?

  8. turned off the lights and gave him the invisibility buff

  9. Why the number 096?
    Is this a coincidence to SCP-096? 🤔

  10. Bro was playing 1v1 and was executing a game plan💀

  11. Bro turning the lights out is gonna do nothing black people are already good enough they don’t need camouflage

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