The Winner of “Squid Game The Challenge” Says she NEVER Received her Money! 😳 #shorts

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#squidgame #shorts


  1. Nah cus i know dang well if this was me i would be livid 😭

  2. Yeah well how did she get a card from the company and go to the liquor store and buy something?

  3. Bro she got the money… don't exagerate

  4. No one won money because every person on the show was acting . Anyone that doesn’t see that is not that bright. Or you’ve never seen other reality shows before

  5. Repent and believe in Jesus Christ the author of these posts is lost.

  6. she said it so no one would to rob her

  7. Dude right now am watching it right why would they put the PIN number on the show I mean one being in the show your putting red marker saying hey am rich big target

  8. People dont get their money usually 30 days after the aired finale…. stop spreading wrong info

  9. I saw a comment from one of the contestants the other day and she said that in the signing of all the papers they had to agree that if they won the cash prize they wont get the money straight away she said they would have to wait for up to a year

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