This is Why Ali & Sae-Byeok Are STILL ALIVE! (Squid Game SHOCKING Theories)

20 Squid Game THEORIES That Will SHOCK You!
[Spoiler Alert] Ali and Sae-Byeok are still alive.

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  1. The director just told that Sae-Byeok is returning in season 2. Check on Google if you dont believe me

  2. the vips were not past winners Il-nam said that he wasnt going to participate because watching it will never be as fun as playing the games so im assuming that they never played and they just go for entertainment because they are rich and just weird but another theory maybe the vips are winners of a different type of game in another country?

  3. Saebyeok couldn’t be if she was alive, she would have gone back for her brother or let him know she is still working on bringing their family together.

  4. First scene of episode 7 is a close-up on Ali's corpse, so…..

  5. But then in the next episode it opens with Ali with a shot in the head dead

  6. Sae byeok might be alive A BIG MIGHT but even if she was alive with her injuries she couldn’t escape she could even jog when she was stabbed by the glass so she could be and I hope she is likely trapped and it’s actually possible since that one person came back like a zombie According to one of the guards maybe he finds her and there both disguised who knows season 2 HURRY PLS

  7. In episode 7 you can see ali get loaded into the coffin therefore he is dead 🙁

  8. When you said Ali wasn’t shot, I’m pretty sure the next episode it shows him with blood all over ready to turn into ashes.

  9. I have a theory! The step father of Gi Un’s daughter is actually one of the golden masked men and is watching the games getting ideas for when he’s in America doing it, and using money to make the deaths seem like they never happened just like when he tried to bribe Gi Hun to never come back the the stepfather’s house because Gi Hun has been in the games and knows things and the stepfather doesn’t want him to find out!!!!!! Like if you think this is possible

  10. Ali might be alive.. cuz it did not show it!

  11. Im not sure if ali is still alive. I hope he is but in epesode 5, he is seen getting put in the coffin with a gunshot mark on his face.

  12. Theory Past winners of the game can now choose 3 Roles in the salesman Red Card Blue Card and The Yellow card
    If the winner chooses the yellow card they can become a VIP
    "What do u think about this theory"

  13. I hope that Ali is alive but in episode 7 in the beginning they show Ali's dead body with a hole in his face 😢

  14. Tho when she got her throat ripped her number didn’t get called but if you notice in the distance you can tell that Ali he wasn’t shot in the head but the back and it’s a 50%. Chance to be killed by shot in the back. And the girl know in the as the crazy toliet lady she was in season 2 on the trailer and she post to die in season1 you didn’t hear her number so ya they are not dead but 240 is 🙁

  15. The first one if you think it trough might actually be real 💀

  16. Front man shot jun ho in the shoulder.he can probably swim with one arm

  17. Either 2 or 5 is invalid because otherwise gi hun would recognize salesman as his brother

  18. Sae Byeok is dead for sure. Ali too, there`s no way they`re coming back….I wish they did but they won`t…. 🙁

  19. We need a theory of Gi-hun getting jealous when he saw the salesman slapping somebody else XD

  20. The theories about Ali and Sae-byeok being alive are false and just people being delusional because they love the characters. We saw their corpses and them get incinerated.

  21. the cop is actually alive, and the theory is correct. Because in the squid game cast release, the actor for the cop is going to be inside of season 2, meaning that he survived the gunshot from the front man.

  22. We saw the body… but maybe he could have survived the headshot, it did not hit the brain it only his cheek. Since there is a chance of it happening, maybe after he got shot, he got out of the coffin and attacked the circle soldiers. My other theory is that he may have been saved, let’s not forget even though people die and have no way of coming back, they can still survive because of plot armor. Ever watched Extraction? Extraction 2 came out and Tyler managed to survive a neck shot.

  23. I love the show, but i wont watch it again if they are still alive

  24. I truly wanna Saebyeok to be alive.

  25. i love ali and was so sad when he died. I hope he will come back

  26. Theories cannot be shocking, let alone theories about a tv series.

  27. 14:17 for the Ali thing, I thought the same thing. Unfortunately the next episode starts with his body being boxed up with a head wound

  28. I am 99% sure that Ali and Sae-byeok are dead. For Ali, the shoot is not shown in the screen. But he dead body (i guess) was shown, unlike Il-nam. And also Sae-byeok was shown dead (i guess), unlike Il-nam. And also both of them are not in the cast of second season. So I guess they are dead.

  29. Emilia W and Blossom Flower - Production says:

    The card color doesn't matter. You'll be a player no matter if you pick blue or red.

  30. I think the VIPs theory isn't true as all the players are Korean or speak Korean. The VIPs do not speak Korean as shown in the show

  31. Literally 70% of the comments here are 9 year olds who have not watched the show saying that Ali and Sae byeok are "still alive" despite extremely clear evidence in the show.

  32. The ali and sae is just denial, if they are dead, they are dead, there is no denial. Sae-byeok was bleeding out so much and being stabbed infused with blood loss would kill you. Ali, got shot in the head, he is definitely dead unless there is magic.
    And besides, they were incinerated, stop trying to deny the truth.

  33. ali death was shown they put a dead ali with a gun wound in a coffin.

  34. 1. – choosing colors – was debunked, on the replay of recruiting players after first game – there are images where contestants are playing with red color

  35. Just to add to the meaning behind the numbers, Jang Deok-su as number 101 is the most sadistic, violent character. This must surely have been inspired by Room 101 in George Orwell's 1984, the torture chamber where prisoners worst fears were manifested.

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