This is Why Ali & Sae-Byeok Are STILL ALIVE! (Squid Game SHOCKING Theories)

20 Squid Game THEORIES That Will SHOCK You!
[Spoiler Alert] Ali and Sae-Byeok are still alive.

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  1. theory 16 is very likely imo

    and i want sae byeok and ali to be alive but its just so unlikely 🙁

  2. I cried a lot when Ali died. I'm on of those in denial and I do hope he comes back. Not only does he brings diversity to the show he has a baby waiting for him 😭 (it broke my heart)

  3. I threw up everytime I heard you pronounce the name se buke

  4. I want more story on 오일남 Oh Il-nam, and hope he comes back.
    Salesman & 황준호 Hwang Jun-Ho need to come back, but no others.

  5. one more theory :
    sangboo killed the girl by tearing her neck with knife showing how he will die and in the later he will kill himself with a knife on his neck.

  6. Ali is dDeadBecause if you saw that you showed him died

  7. Say Beuke is dead.
    Ali could still be alive.
    Hopefully Oh Il Nam is still alive.

  8. Ali is still alive
    Logic prapole uses: too cute to die

  9. when ali died we didnt swe him get shot but we saw his body

  10. I hope the police officer isn't dead… He is gorgeous. (So is the recruiter!)
    But on a serious note, the police officer's death was so cruel.
    He could be alive though – he was shot in the arm and fell in the water… While it's a slim chance… he could have survived I suppose!

  11. For the theory the vips were past players could be true because remember the vip bets on 96 and then 96 switches with gi hun for number 1 instead of 16 then the vip gets mad it makes sense

  12. this video is entirely for nothing, because the workers incinerate the bodies, and that disproves both of these theories.

  13. No way Ali is alive.. the start of episode 7 shows Ali dead in a coffin with a bullet hole in his face

  14. Ali is dead because in a episode you see the gaurd putting ali in the coffin (Ali's body in the coffin)

  15. but in episode 7 VIP in the start ali's head was shot

  16. A person who loves commenting on yt videos #PBHYT says:

    I think that player 075 is player 212’s husband because when player 212 begs on her knees to register the name for her child,you can see player 075 behind her with a very sad face.

  17. A person who loves commenting on yt videos #PBHYT says:

    Did you know,player 250 was Jun-ho? These people look very similar. Well,if staff found out he’s alive,he would die. So,Jun-ho changed his look to make sure that no one finds out he is player 250.

  18. A person who loves commenting on yt videos #PBHYT says:

    Fun fact:Player 324 is also alive,because after he got shot, he was vomiting,and he was moving. A corpse can’t move on its own.At the beginning of episode 2,the player groaning in his grave,and putting his hand out of the coffin,was player 324. He died when he was burned.

  19. Remember guys, never trust a man who gives you corn, he eventually betrays you

  20. I can just imagine script writers for the next season taking notes

  21. There has been player whose coffin were taken down from the cremation chamber and faked their cremation, So there could be conspiracy too behind (067 kang sae-byeok)'s death. She is fan-fav character so she might be in s2, my theory though…

  22. Ali corpse was showed in the casket😒😒😒

  23. Wth?! How can The old man be Gi-hub’s father?!😂

    Obviously you are gonna realize who your father is when you meet him 🤦🏾
    Also If he was the father why would the old man send his son into a death game?! 😑

  24. The guard that ali got pointed it up here not for the head

  25. Am trying to say is that ali guard that ‘’killed” him pointed up high but missed the head

  26. But I'm pretty sure that there was one scene showing Ali's body being put into a box, right?

  27. I'm sorry sad 😭😱🌉 sad 😥😭 I cry 😢😭😰😱 werinng

  28. so for the second theory i think so to ive always thinked that cause. like the Old man really cared for him like thats clearly a hint

  29. I'm so tired of the bullshit about illnam being gihuns father. On his death bed he would've said something. And gihun obviously would know his own father. SICK of this dumped ass theory

    Thats how The front man knows everything. Once someone leaves the game, you are now being tracked to prevent any investigations.

  31. Nope 199 is dead they show his body in the gift box

  32. Hey i have one what if cho sang woo has 2 different personalities from the first cho sang woo wears glasses its like sometimes a nerd like and without his glasses he became villain(not mostly) when the police ask his mom that his son killed someone

  33. 3:04 he red hair is probably a refeence do Rubedo, in alchemy Rubedo is the final state of the Philosopher stone and represents the end of the process, like the World tarot card

  34. Ok I think Ali might be alive but how could you think she's alive we actually saw a stab on her neck

  35. Ali is dead for sure, I saw him being put in the coffin in the corners, rewatch that episode 6 and you’ll se for yourself that he is defintely dead, unlike say-byonk….she wasn’t announced on the death speaker although the front man was with the VIP’s and may not have been there to announce it

  36. for the marble theory, it can't be true. It's because the 5th game was the glass bridge and there's no guarantee that il nam would survive that.

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