Timeline: If All Humans Had To Play Squid Game

What would happen if all humans had to play Squid Game? Imagine Netlix’s Squid Game, not the Mr. Beast one, the one with all the killing. Now, what if all 7 billion humans on planet Earth had to play it? A worldwide Red Light, Green Light, or Dalgona? Let’s find out what would happen!

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  1. if others took place really so it would be like alice in borderland never ending game if the 001 dies 002 will be the new host in alice in borderland

  2. Squid Game: Revenge of the Taliban Terrorists in Afghanistan

  3. Guys, let’s be smart about this. If the majority of the population decides to play the game, who’s guarding the banks?

  4. ꧁⁣༒ Pakistan maps 🇵🇰꧁⁣༒ says:

    That means we get to meet famous people!

  5. Thats innposible cuz squid guards front man and vips are humans

  6. When Babies have to play: baby is guard
    Members: A BABY with a gun

  7. The person who asked and The person who cares says:

    Respect to the person who went to Mars just to entertain us

  8. Hehe me I will win I ain’t dying I’m young

  9. Buddy there’s no buying from stores nobody runs the stores

  10. If everyone participates, who's gonna guard the NUKES?

  11. Me and my family would forfeit because i have a baby brother

  12. At ww2 be like : sir would you- BOOM A BOM AT KOREA hes dead :/

  13. If people say what is squid game

    ill say oh they are gonna play with squids and battle

  14. “̳T̳o̳m̳ ̳h̳o̳l̳l̳a̳n̳d̳ ̳f̳a̳n̳”̳ says:

    Fun fact they will suffocate front man and they might be powerful

  15. Imagine 2.5b people losing to red light green light

  16. They couldn’t because they would need something the size of the world

  17. Jeff bezos wondering how the frick he got captured while in space

  18. You’d be all dead because of the loss of population and especially during this pandemic

  19. So basically, it ends out as a world wide hunger games.

  20. At Last,I win cuz I'm the last 7 billionth person

  21. But if they play again, all the people know which honeycomb they should pick

  22. Bruh this basically like The Hunger Games, except word-wide.

  23. let's be real

    even if they hire a million guards still they won't be able to control 2.5b population and also some of them will be part of the army etc who know how to fight against the guards

  24. Mr beast: look what they need just to mimic a fraction of our power

  25. ComicToon Productions [Marshall Bourne] says:

    Imagine This replacing the Olympic games.

  26. Everyone falls asleep, Even the ones who already are sleeping!

  27. It will be a cool world because every one is reach in it

  28. Timeline: What If Snowpiercer was in Real Life?

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