Top 10 Fan Theories About Squid Game

It’s never too late to get on the “Squid Game” hype train! For this list, we’re looking at the most popular theories about Netflix’s latest hit. Our countdown includes Writing on the Wall, It’s International, Card Colors, and more! Let us know in the comments which you think is most likely to be true or which is the most far-fetched.

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  1. My theory is that il nam is gi hun’s father !!

  2. Wealth! The more angels on your mask the more money you have.

  3. The old man and Gi-hun – The Alpha and the Omega. The first and last. There is certainly something meta about that

  4. Something I was confused about is how In-ho became the frontman. He won the game and still lived in a small arpartment and went missing just a few days before the game started. He won the game 5 years ago, it would make more sense if he would've won it last year and then became the frontman somehow, but why so late???

  5. 0:16 more like if somehow you haven’t watched it, this show is so popular it’s weird

  6. All of these 10 ""fun"" theories are obvious

  7. The reason why the prize money was the same number as gi-huns number was because the amount of players corresponds to the money as each player is worth 100,000 won or 1 million I can’t do the maths but it’s for that reason not that gi-hun was destined to win the games

  8. I think Gi-Hun will return as a secret guard, but he will stay to become the Game Master mind blown

  9. Theory: People who died off camera were not actually killed.. They got a second chance at life but it is as guards

  10. The price money thing is the dumbest thing I've ever heard on WatchMojo. It is literally stated in the show, very clearly, that for every player there will be 100 million won. It is very clearly stated that it's determined by the number of players outlived, so obviously the person with the last fucking number will have the same number as the prize money. It's not "incidentally". That's like saying "not only is Il-Nam the first player out of 456, but incidentally, additionally he also carries the number "001" on his shirt"… like bitch? No shit…

  11. Either the numbers on the players shirts mean how rich or poor they are or the number is when they enter the game. Which means that Gi-hun is either the poorest person out of all the players or he is the last person to enter the game that year

  12. Everybody knows the only reason gi hun dyed his hair is depression

  13. I think if they get a new mask it’s X since that would make it the ps4 shapes

  14. About the whole numbers on the shirt thing I believe it mean that gi hun was the last one picked

  15. I'm more concerned over the fact that she said Train to Busan is getting an American remake I can tell you right now it's gonna suck

  16. I’m actually putting theories aside for once just to say I loved this show, me and my mom watched it and we both loved it and yes episode 6 broke us. 😢

  17. How is number 10 a fan theory? It is just a fact!

  18. When Gi-Hun said "I'm not a horse." Is probably because the person on the phone wanted him to be a VIP and the mysterious person chose a horse for him.

  19. I think the squid game theory that the gurards are precious players is false because there wouldn’t be enough gurards think about this the games started in 1988 and if one person won each round of squid game there would probably be like 30 or 40 gurards which is way less then we see in the show even if 5 people won each game there still wouldn’t be enough gurards that we see in the show and the front man kills them like water so you wouldn’t do that if you we’re running low on staff.

  20. The last theory (cards) dosen't make sense, cause at least one of the gards would've try to betray them

  21. Where's the theory about zombies

  22. I have a crazy theory

    Han died from burning, the snake tattoo guy broke her fall and the fall knocked her unconscious and she was put into the coffin (still alive in a coma) and then burned to death

  23. i think the villain here is the one who colored the hair of gi hun, and I think she is lady mishil
    she is behind all of that

  24. i have a theory: players in squid game are numbers from sadest to least sadest example the old man is unhappy because he feels alone and the main protagenest life is not so sad but in the end of the first game gee-hun will probaly feel saddest due to everything he lost and he will be player number 1 {origanal} if u want to post my theory on any plat form pls do give me a shoutout

  25. I agree that the salesman will be an important character in season 👌🏻

  26. For the last theory: The guards a speculated to be past winners who gambled all their money, then they were hired as guards, that’s why they are okay with suck murder.

  27. You know I have a very strange theory about this whole squid game scenario what if oh I nam was actually Gi Hun from the future remember where he said that he wanted to experience what it's like to play the child's games in the squid game maybe the fact that oh I nam simply wanted to remember the days he had played squid game himself and the reason why he was protecting Gi Hun was because Gi Hun is his past self and non of the squid game would happened if Gi Hun the fact that squid game feature some variety of technology it could be possible that there is a technology somewhere in the squid game verse that can allow a person to travel through time and also the fact that gi Hun won the money it could be possible he used those money in the future to travel back in time and build the squid game and create and play the game again though this sounds so crazy and doesn't quite make sense but maybe it could be true.

    OKAY sooooo what if gi huns daughter is a guard in s2
    maybe (she’s too young to join but maybe MAYBE it may take place in the future with some flashbacks)
    I mean she did get a g*n 🔫 (and the guards have g*ns) for her birthday and literally anything could be a clue or hint
    Or I’m thinking that gi hun is gonna be a guard and that gift was a hint or clue but it is just a theory 😩

  29. My own theory would be there are other Squid Games internationally in the US, Europe, Africa, etc.

  30. A Friend of mine suggested that the games were a plot by North Korea. He said that it was a plan to make South Korea look bad on the international stage . If it was ever found out by the authorities the Un would be angry at the south for letting its own people get killed like that which we lead to Usa pulling its troops out of South Korea,followed by an invasion of South Korea by North Korea and The un would be slow to act or even act at all. Therefore giving North Korea more power on the international stage.

  31. Personally I think Gi Hun was 456, the last player, to hint he will be the last player standing.

  32. Just finished SquidGame…

    Mann, its tough…

  33. Did the main character get 45.6 billion won? If so, shouldn't that number be 100 million less, because he didn't die? Just curious

  34. I just have a question. Throughout the numerous times Jun-ho was disguised as a guardsman, the camera would zoom in on his pocket. Why?

  35. They actually don't eat anything. We can see that when they eat when they're a team they're spoons are empty.
    And I don't think ill nam hosted squid game because he took a pause whilst voting to play it or not in ep 2
    Plus since the cop got shot
    Into the lake sharks would be interested in the blood confirming he's not alive

  36. The card theory can’t be true. The players were several men and women and none of the guards were women.

  37. You do understand that the large majority of your viewers speak English right? It would have been nice to use the dubbed version so we could understand the lines.

  38. SPOILER: The craziest thing about the show is that it didn't gave us the typical victory-in-the-end survival show, it showed the most disturbing, depressing yet realistic representation of survival guilt (not just in the dystopian universe), he lost his mother before sharing his success, he carried guilt and went homelessness for a year, as the more the characters stayed in the games, the more greedy, selfish and violent they've become. The most memorable and real-too-life lesson Il-Nam taught that left us mortified about the harsh truths in life is that, "The one most common thing a person with no money has with the one with too much money is that life is never fun for them'.

  39. I've never seen Train to Busan, but I hear it's good. I don't want it to get an American remake. Sometimes those things work, but mostly they just suck. Don't try to fix something that's not broken.


  41. Never assume the old guy is weak they’ve been through more than you have

  42. I don't belive in the last theory because 456 people were asked which color they want to play as and there is no way they all chose blue and about the theory that Gi hun was set to win I think it's false because out of 201 players only 187 came back so they lowered the amount of prize money

  43. I have this weird idea of an ending. Like, someday gi hun himself becomes the leader or whtv of squid game. With the amount of money he has rn, like il nam he gets bored nd well yk the rest.

  44. He is 456 bc he was the last player to join

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