What’s *SQUID GAME* and Why is EVERYONE Obsessed With it? (ep 1-3 reaction)

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  1. When you said grim reaper. The guy actually plays a grim reaper sort of character in the drama Dokkaebi (Guardian: the Great and Lonely God)

  2. Okay but like this is my first video of yours I'm watching of you and I LOVE YOU. Your reactions are hilarious and that editing makes it sooo good. Can't wait to find the rest of the episodes and binge it hahha

  3. the fact that you didn’t recognize the guy who played the red and blue slap game at the very start means you HAVE to react to his movie Train to Busan. an amazing movie that us viewers LOVE seeing reactions to!!

  4. There are no vents this big, it's all just for the movies haha ^^

  5. Not everyone is obsessed with it. I thought it was okay. Not great, just okay. Have our standards been lowered so much because of the general poor quality of productions in the past decade? I really think that's what it is. On the other hand were we spoiled by outstanding gems like "Breaking Bad"? I flip back and forth. What are your thoughts?

  6. Man, the square popping out from the corner made me giggle for no reason

  7. gurl I LOVE YOU but what do you use as your camera????? I'll buy you a new one if you want….. ok that was mean IM SORRY but i need to see your face IN TRIPLE HD 4K

  8. i love the MacBook that's right behind her!

  9. GIRLLLL. Have you watched Goblin? It's crazy cause you made a reference to that dude being the grim reaper at 6:18 and that's freaking parallel to the concept of the show 🤭

  10. I love how u aren’t telling me directly if u like women and then do shit like dis and over like “what is this bitch on” ANYWHOO love u 🥰

  11. 6:25 it's so funny she said the grim reaper, Kim Shin would be MAD

  12. i got very attached to ali too, it sucked in the end

  13. girl i was laughing my ass knowing what was going to happen 😂

  14. *EPISODE 1
    6:57 "can he slap me like that?"🤣honestly, same
    8:41 “Oh, wtf?” Same😮
    10:37 *inhumane sound*😂
    11:51 the scream sound effect you use is my favorite 🙂
    *EPISODE 2
    14:51 it is the truth😆
    15:21 I agree
    21:38 I love Sae-byeok!!❤(24:08)
    *EPISODE 3
    26:24 Honestly Gi-Hun having the balls to ask for chocolate milk from murdering, sociopathic soldiers is the kind of confidence I want in life.
    27:00 I’m nosy too😎
    30:03 I love Ali too🥺(14:09, 19:19)

  15. everyone else was playing squid game, detective was playing among us

  16. The way she said “the fuck” made me laugh 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. " is he the grim reaper?" well he is Friends with one! (kdrama besties get me)

  18. "oh that's our character he's fucked" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  19. At the very least, kudos for not watching it dubbed.

  20. I just realized you've experienced Gong Yoo and yet I haven't seen you cover Train to Busan on here… Interesting…

  21. You had me at can he slap me like that 😏

  22. I don't have Netflix so I'll watch through you.😅

  23. Watching that slap scene all I could think was “this better not awaken anything in me”

  24. 6:57 he can't slap me like that…but if player 067 wants to then that's a different story

  25. 21:40 trust me if i was there she wouldn't have died i would've protected her at all costs

  26. Do all Shrek movies plus puss in boots movies 🎥😁

  27. Ash, I don’t know if you’re typically wearing lipstick or what, but that color is super flattering on you — emotional turmoil aside ❤

  28. The way you edit your reactions are so funny!! 😭😭

  29. 6:16 He was actually the Goblin lol this k-drama is amazing btw

    6:58 we all thought the same, no worries lol

  30. Omg I'm so glad you played the original dub, that English dub is GOD-AWFUL

  31. This show should have just been called "Capitalism," like the board game Monopoly.

  32. Or… One can pirate for free… It's pretty easy…

  33. 32:30 I know it's late to comment but I think the reason the guy started to freak out (+ shoot himself) is because the character I think, is supposed to be underaged, which means children (teenagers) are not exempt from squid game.

  34. Lost my mind when I found out how much 100,000 won is.

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