Which Family Guy Character Would Win Squid Game? 🦑

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Which Family Guy Character Would Win Squid Game? 🦑

The town of Quahog, Rhode Island is home to one of the most popular and unruly casts of animated characters ever put on the small screen. While we as an audience love them and their hijinks, it would not be too harsh to say that the characters of Family Guy are some of the meanest and most self-centered people in all of the cartoons, even by the standards of adult animation. So, what would happen if we took this off-color roster of men, women, and giant chickens into the throes of a Squid Game competition? Who will fall? Who will prevail? Whatever the outcome, we know for sure that it’s gonna be a “freakin’ sweet” one!


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Voice Over by Kifinosi (YouTube: )
Script Written by Noah Bell
Production Leads: Luka Lalosevic & Kristijan Vukovic
Assistant Producer & Designer: Trixia Salonga
Editors: Kristijan Vukovic, Luka Lalosevic, Milos Kuzmanovic,
Sasa Lalic & Md Asad Al Hossain
Media Assistants: Trixia Salonga, Shyr Aguilar, Milos Lalosevic, Joshua Capulong & Michael Navarro
Produced by Kyle J. Beauregard


  1. Awesome thanks for making this, been looking forward to a Family Guy Squid Game for ages! I’m surprised you didn’t eliminate Peter in Red Light, Green Light though since you did the same thing with Homer in The Simpsons one and Peter is just as dumb if not more so than Homer is, and also the fact that Peter has a short attention span and is reckless and impulsive would definitely count against him in the first round. But yeah all the others I would say you’ve got right, could you do American Dad next?

  2. Probably stewie, because Peter is a fat idiot, quagmire probably would miss the games by smashing someone, joe can’t play, Chris is also a fat idiot, Lois and Meg could win, and Cleveland… is Cleveland, Brian also has somewhat of a chance,”.

  3. Keep doing the If villains were charge series

  4. Now, so Which Harry Potter character would win Squid Game? I know for a fact that Cedric Diggory would at least make it to the Marbles round

  5. I like stewie he’s very intelligent and a great fighter to the death 💀😎🤑

  6. It's been on my mind for so long but how about the amazing world of gumball good to evil: Alan or Richard Most Good, Gumball and Darwin Grey Area, Rob In the bad Area, and Mrs. Robinson (AKA Margaret) most evil

  7. tv and movie skeletons good to evil

    You should do nfl rush zone characters good to evil

    the vampires diaries characters good to evil

    The Originals characters good to evil

    Tales of aracdia characters good to evil in three separate video

    Threat levels: harmless to Dangerous

    Tangled series: good to evil

  8. Is it me or is the guy narrating this video talking much faster that usual?

  9. I actually thought meg would have been last to die wtf.

  10. So Meg just goes first because “haha funee”? What a copout.

  11. Dr Hartman wouldn’t make it past Honeycombs. Yes he is a doctor but he is an incompetent doctor, shown in every episode he has 1 word in.

  12. If we all had a bong weed all get along says:

    Scps good to evil
    Safe good to most good
    Least good scp 661 the sales man who is only a safe class due to him being able to control his powers but uses them in his work.
    Mid scp 507 the reluctant dimension hopper
    Gold medal of good ties with scp 343 god and scp 999 the tickle monster

    Most good Scp 049 the plague doctor who works toward the greater good and is in the process in attempting to cure something called the pestilence.
    Neutral scp 096 the shy guy due to him used to being a normal man hiking and being turned an anomaly called scp 1529 turning him into the monster
    Most evil scp 029 black shuck a wolf who kills who ever looks into its eyes or a family member.
    Most good scp 4999 some one to watch over us he wasn’t originally an scp but an urban legend of a man smoking a cigarette who keeps lonely people company in their final moments
    Neutral both scp 076-2 and Mr redd due to them being brainwashed by the scarlet kings daevities where before scp 076 was a warrior who defended his homeland and Mr redd was a discontinued little mister who wanted to be sold along with the rest of the little misters and be his owners best friend.
    Most evil the scarlet king
    Crimes including Attempted omnicide
    Mass murder
    Abuse of power

  13. Which Helluva Boss Character would Win Squid Game

  14. (All died like Kenny and Happy tree friends).

    Everyone from Quahog: Aw crap…. <;(

    Ernie the chicken: Time to kill them and get cash! >;)

  15. It'sd ironic that Peter died in Honeycomb, considering he'd have owned the Midnight Brawl due to his constant large-scale brawls with the Chicken.

  16. Honestly, Peter would die at the first challenge.

  17. Brian would have been dead by the Brawl.

  18. Nah man joe would loose the honey comb hes really impatient and lashes out a lot
    Peter would just eat it

  19. The Guy who is narrating this sounds like there is a gun to his head

  20. Joe would go first in Glass Stepping Stones, enraged even if Pawtucket Pat appears to eliminate him.

    "What do you get when you're stuck in a chair…."

  21. Which Breaking Bad character would win Squid Game would be awesome to see too

  22. Helluva Boss : Dumb to Brilliant 🧠

  23. I knew Bertram would be runner up. I like him slightly more than Stewie because he’s slightly more evil.

  24. Suggestions

    Which mortal Kombat charicter would win squid game?

    Which kingdom hearts charicter would win squid game?

  25. If this were an actual Family Guy episode, Joe would've gotten his knees shot off in Red Light, Green Light for no conceivable reason.

  26. Never knew a baby like Stewie would win in squid game. 🦑

  27. Here's two video ideas I got for your future videos:
    Which Disney Villain would win Total Drama Island?
    Which Madagascar Character would win Squid Game?

  28. For the next squid game video can you do which YouTuber would win the squid game?

  29. IDEA: Which Bob's Burger Character Would Win Squid Game

  30. Squid Game Kills:

    Round 1: Red Light Green Light
    25: Meg Griffin was shot on the first red light for no reason whatsoever.
    24: Mort Goldman saw Meg get shot and moved around in shot and became another early casualty.
    23: Mayor Adam West forgot the rules of the game after a minute and didn't stay still during a red light and was shot dead by the doll.
    22: Jillian knowing no better fell the same way Adam West did.

    Round 2: Honeycomb
    21: Peter Griffin ate his cookie immediately and got shot as a result.
    20: Tom Tucker wasn't steady handed enough so he cut his cookie accidently and was shot.
    19: Cleveland Brown was going slower than everyone else in this challenge so he tried to catch up to everyone else only to break his cookie from trying to cut it too fast. As a result, he was shot.

    Round 3: Midnight Brawl
    18: Seamus had his limbs torn apart by Ernie the Giant Chicken since the wood reminds him of chicken coops.
    17: The Evil Monkey was strangled to death by Lois despite Chris's pleadings not to.
    16: Carl was ganged up on by the remaining Griffins since they saw that as an opportunity to take him out since Carl was fast asleep.
    15: Bonnie Swanson was beaten to death by Joe Swanson for cheating on him.

    Round 4: Tug of War
    14-12: Carter Pewterschmidt, Consuela and John Herbert were pulled by players and dropped to their death as a result from Carter and Herberts' conflict in the past about Chris and their overall lack of physical strength.

    Round 5: Marbles
    11: Chris was paired up with Bertram who he mistook for Stewie. Chris then couldn't stop thinking about The Evil Monkey being beaten up by Lois which left Bertram a chance to take his marbles resulting in Chris getting shot.
    10: Lois was paired up with Stewie, who had no qualms about taking Lois's marbles with an opportunity. With Stewie handing in the marbles to the guards, Lois is shot and Stewies life-long goal is finally achieved.
    9: Quagmire was paired up with Brian who reminds him of the time he scammed Quagmire out of money. Quagmire then proceeds to beat up Brian only to be shot for breaking the no violence rule.
    8: Kevin Swanson was paired up with Joe Swanson. Kevin gave up his marbles for Joe as remorse for lying about his past and was shot as a result.

    Round 6: Glass Stepping Stones
    7: Joe Swanson went first due to his bravery as a cop but fell due to his inability to jump.
    6: Dr. Hartman went next and tried to tell the glass stones apart only to be pushed by Dianne Simmons.
    5: Dianne Simmons tried to go as far as possible without anyone's help but fell a few steps later.
    4: Brian Griffin was pushed into the next panel by Ernie the Giant Chicken since there wasn't much time left at this point.
    3: Ernie the Giant Chicken was then pushed into the last panels by Stewie as an act of revenge for killing Brian.

    Round 7: Glass Stepping Stones
    2: Bertram was outfought by Stewie in an epic climacting final battle, while Bertram was down, Stewie raced up to the Squids Head causing Bertram to be shot. He was defeated once again.
    The Winner: Stewie Griffin

  31. Coming up: Wich Pokémon would win Squid Game.

  32. Good video, thank you for finally doing what me (and I’m sure others) have been requesting for a good while. 😃🥳 I agreed with/respected most of your reasons for why certain characters got eliminated when, but I was absolutely gobsmacked to see that Meg was the first elimination and I was quite disappointed that you didn’t even give a good reason for why that would be the case, instead you just seemed to almost completely skip over her, which I was quite disappointed about. 😔 I’ve watched pretty much all of your Squid Game videos and this is the first time where I’ve found myself strongly disagreeing with when a certain character has been put out. 🙄 You usually also give good reasons for why certain characters get eliminated in whatever round it may be, but I didn’t find that to be the case with Meg’s elimination at all. 🙃

    Sure, I wasn’t expecting Meg to do great, but I certainly thought that she’d at least make it to the midnight brawl before being taken out there. 🙄 The Family Guy logic reason you gave made no sense since you didn’t even explain what you meant by that, would Peter use her as a shield from the bullets in the first round or something? 🤷‍♀️ Or would she just be unlucky enough to be hit by a bullet, even if she didn’t move? 😭

    Tbh, I honestly thought that either Peter or Herbert would be the very first elimination and I was really surprised they both outlasted Meg. 😱 I was also surprised at how well Joe did, as I know how easily angered/impatient he can be at times, but I can see why he was eliminated in the second to last round, since the Glass Bridge game isn’t exactly wheelchair accessible. 🥺 I think you got everyone else included in the video pretty much spot on in terms of when they’d be eliminated though. It was also nice that Stewie won, as he’s my favourite character in the show & tbh, he was who I predicted as the winner before this video was even uploaded. 😃🥳🤣

    There are also some notable characters you didn’t include who I think should’ve been here and I’d be interested to know how well or not they would’ve done had they been in the video:

    Barbs Pewterschmidt
    Dylan Flannigan (Brian’s human son)
    Ida Davis
    Penelope (the evil baby Stewie had a brief relationship with)
    Ollie Williams
    Joyce Kinney
    Neil Goldman
    Principal John Shepherd
    Connie D’Amico
    Tricia Takanawa
    Olivia Fuller

    All in all though, I really enjoyed this. As for what you should do next though, I think you should make a video where you sentence Family Guy characters for their crimes, Peter especially needs to be punished, LOL! 🙃🤣

  33. You would think Peter Griffin would be eliminated in the first or second game because he doesn’t have what it takes to get past the first game.

  34. Which Hey Arnold Character Would Win Squid Game?

    The Players:
    1. Arnold Shortman
    2. Gerald Johansen
    3. Helga Pataki
    4. Phil Shortman
    5. Gertie Shortman
    6. Phoebe Heyerdahl
    7. Harold Berman
    8. Stinky Peterson
    9. Sid
    10. Rhonda Wellington Lloyd
    11. Eugene Horowitz
    12. Lila Sawyer
    13. Thaddeus "Curly" Gammelthorpe
    14. Robert "Big Bob" Pataki
    15. Miriam Pataki
    16. Brainy
    17. Nadine
    18. Patricia "Big Patty" Smith
    19. Iggy
    20. Sheena
    21. Chocolate Boy
    22. Ruth P. McDougal
    23. Wolfgang
    24. Ernie Potts
    25. Mr. Huynh
    26. Oskar Kokoshka
    27. Suzie Kokoshka
    28. The Jolly Olly Man
    29. Olga Pataki
    30. Miles Shortman
    31. Stella Shortma
    32. Principal Wartz
    33. Coach Wittenberg
    34. Mr. Simmons
    35. Dino Spumoni
    36. Monkeyman
    37. Stoop Kid
    38. Torvald
    39. Pigeon Man
    40. Dr. Bliss

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