Why Did The Old Man Play In Squid Game?

The Korean drama “Squid Game” is the newest Netflix show that viewers have fallen in love with. Despite the relatively innocuous name, the show is a violent and exciting journey through murderous children’s games and the question of how much a human’s life is worth. If you’ve already finished the show, you know that there’s more than a few mysteries still left unanswered as the credits roll; while a second season hasn’t been confirmed, there’s always the chance that “Squid Game” will be back for me. Regardless, there’s one question you might have that we can decidedly answer for you: “Why did the old man play in ‘Squid Game?'”

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  1. FALSE FALSE FALSE FALSE! The Old Man never actually risked his life, and knew he couldn't die. In the tug of war, he did not have any locks on his cuffs, he wouldn't fall with the rest.

  2. Lol they literally explained this in the last episode

  3. I was rooting for 001. The marble game was so sad, and then the ending happened 🤬 at least Jigsaw wanted people to value their lives. This dude just wants to bet on people for shits and giggles.

  4. My head event 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀 when I found out when number 001 was basically the mastermind

  5. Because the half baked plot needed a twist to keep up with the Franchises it ripped off
    It's just a half cooked Saw and Hunger Games

  6. I took the Pink Suited Guys song and remixed the F*ck out of it!! Y’all should check it out and maybe spit some bars over it ❤️ much love

  7. I’m guessing old man have tragic life,too, He’s billionaire but more money more problem. During the game, he mention abt his son but in the end he’s dying alone. This old man not believe in man which mean he must get hurt or betrayed by people,too. Lots of inside story haven’t show us yet

  8. The moment 001 was able to climb to the top of the bed bunker during the riot is already suspicious to me at that point.

    Also the show already explained why the old Man join. Looper is out of idea.

  9. The reason why he made this game so he can play his childhood game before he died he had cancer

  10. The amount of innocent people that died for the amusement of the rich .After all they choose to play from their freewill no one forced them.😞😞😞

  11. Actually in fact, he wouldnt of died in the tug-of-war game. After they won the camera pans over all the characters lying down. Everyone had locks and the rists except the old man giving him an out if they lost. So many clues.

  12. Why did the old man play squid game he wants to feels as a kid

  13. How did the old man survive? How was he rich?

  14. Player 001 is the father of the main character. He joined the game to help him win the money as a "reward" for leaving him and his mom.

  15. I love him even though he's a mastermind
    r.i.p favorite character

  16. in 2069 mrbeast will be the next oh Il-nam.

  17. I've just figured out something. There was a rule in the fourth game, the pair marble game, the one without pair will be excused from the game. That's how the girl with curly hair survived. Maybe the rule was created to save the old man with brain tumor, as no one will be willing to pair with him naturally. Just an idea.

  18. Anyone else had a gut feeling from episode 4 he was the main perpetrator? Always the least expected.

    Also, when he yelled the squid game stopped the fight. But they cut off halfway the reason they stopped it which only leads to me thinking it was due to the old man.

    That was a huge hint!

  19. okay explain me this 40 players alive after tug of war. Dr got killed =39. Played marble game in pair (expect that girl) 38/2 = 19 alive + 1 girl= 20 total alive after marble game. One man commit suicide =19, than how come they only left with 16 player for bridge game?

  20. Im really confused since he died at the 9th episode but later in the episode its shown that he is still alive

  21. Lmao well he actually said that " he never forced anybody to play"

  22. I think it make sense when he didn't chose to look for a partner and just sat in a corner… He didn't really want to play with those marbles

  23. idc this old ass man is a little shit and extremely twisted

  24. even though he did it for fun, i don't think he should be counted as someone that bad because people came in for their own good & with their won choice. and people even left and the ones who came back it's mostly their fault. i still like the old man ;-;.

  25. The old man completely threw me off at the end, what a twist lol

  26. Say what u want I still liked him after the ending

  27. Me see an opportunity's to win red ligt green light me just push the old man till the finish line

  28. It seems bed time when the marble part. I'd a lot of dreams and it made me cry

  29. For all those people who think the old man is an asshole, remember. He himself decided to stop the games, but people came back. ALOOOT OF THEM, that was on them.

  30. i really like the old man (cuz i like old people and he is quite amazing even if he had a gigantic advantage)

  31. cause it his child hood game that he use to play with his friends in the alley

  32. 001/ old man is definitely one of the gold mask people if all of the players dies sense he made the squid games, plus the guy who was holding the bunny gold mask has old hands that means….. OH-IILAM DID SOMETHING NOT GOOD/old man/001 he forced the guards to shoot his own friends and other players and ge thinks red light green lights fun

  33. Why did he fake his death during the marble game if he was willing to die?

  34. So why was old man allowed to fake his death but allowed everybody else to die

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