Why Ji-yeong is The True Winner of Squid Game

Today we take a journey into the mind and soul of Ji-yeong from Squid Game.

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  1. Beautifully and poetically phrased, I loved your description ♥

  2. Ji-yeong is such a beautiful soul, and her sacrifice so incredibly heart breaking.

  3. ngl i cried a lot when she died, she was really nice

  4. I feel like this video is about twice as long as it should be, but whatever. 🙂

    I think the saddest thing about Ji-yeong is that here she reveals the tragedy of her life, she shares her story so that it can live on beyond her, but then it dies with Sae-byeok. Sae-byeok shares HER story to live on, but isn't able to pass on Ji-yeong's, and it is thus lost forever. Also, I get the impression that Ji-yeong actually has no debt, she's the only player without massive debt, she actually has nothing, she's only doing Squid Game as something to do because she's at loose ends. Her last home was with her parents who are now gone, then she landed in prison. Getting out, her parents' house is obviously long gone. Years in prison means she has no job and thus no money to get her own home. She was penniless and homeless when Squid Game found her. So yeah, she really has nothing to go to if she got out.

    Anybody else want to see these two actresses do something else together where they get to play friends with a deep bond, best friends, together forever?

  5. Actually I related the most to Ji-Yeong because we were both absolute losers and didn't care about it. I relate to her because she was the biggest loser of the series. Her death was the saddest to me because I related to her.

  6. Thanks for the trigger warning at the beginning.

  7. Thanks for your great interpretation!! Jeju Island is a place intertwined with a vacation place/paradise image and tragic history. It is Korean Hawaii, with many tourists and retired people’s settlement, but so many tragic deaths and discriminations happened where for a long time was not recognized as an officially equivalent province of Korean dynasties with an equal rights. From 1947 to 1954, before, during, and after the Korean War, the Jeju Uprising (or Jeju April 3 incidents) occurred, leading to massacre of more than 10 percent of population on the island, which is estimated from 10,500 to 80,000 people died or went missing. The main conflicts lead to the massacres were complicated conflicts between the violent parts of the former Imperial Japanese police forces, corrupted parts of the Korean government and US militant forces, and radical parts of leftists and extreme right groups. Sae-Byeok pictures Jeju Island as a more of a “better” or “good different” place, which is partially right but also partially misleading in some ways. I am not saying she choose Jeju Island with a lack of knowledge, but I am just guessing the film scenario makers possibly meant to reflect the paradoxical history of Jeju as a place of a dream for a person born in North Korea. Many among who died during 1947-1954 were innocent and young people like Sae-byeok and Ji-yeong, who were with older victims, wrongfully accused as helpers of North Korean movements or radical Reds/communists. And for your information, recently South Korean media and people use the term “새터민 (citizens with a new place/home)” rather than the term “탈북자 (North Korean defectors),” to minimize the derogatory impression coming from the word with meanings of escapee or fugitive or tragic person. It is newly suggested term to respect people came from the North to the South, that they are just same human being who deserves equal human rights and treatments. I think in my writing here I am maybe overthinking or too much stretching from the actual context and reason of the Squid Game team with choosing to mention Jeju Island by the Sae-byeok character. I just wanted to share some information and some history of Korea

  8. I'm glad someone else noticed the best anime character ever

  9. most of this video was just explaining how gay jiyeong and saebyeok are for each other

  10. Lee Yoo-mi in this kdrama>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  11. That moment in the elevator where she mocks the priest was actually hilarious, but when you find why she's so upset about religion, you don't want to laugh anymore

  12. Just about everybody I've seen commenting in reaction videos buys into the idea that Ji-Yeong had little to lose. That makes sense when you are only looking backwards. But if you look at the way she smiled when she imagined doing things with Sae-Byeok, that proves that she was still capable of being happy. If she could have escaped from the game there was a possibility of new beginnings, even without family. You never know what might happen in life, especially when you are still young. So her sacrifice was much bigger than people think.

  13. Ji Yeong: (Thank You for playing with me you are my best friend)

  14. Both her and Ali's death broke my heart. The entire vibe of the show changed after their passing 💔

  15. I know it’s an old fashioned term, and may to some seem petit, but please don’t refer to humanity as ‘man’. I remember hearing this term as a young girl and asking my Mum why they said man when they meant human – this was the moment I realised women are second class citizens in the patriachy. Every time I hear it’s usage it makes me realise how far we still have to go. Language like this has to go. 🙏🏼

  16. the fact that she had no one waiting for her and nowhere to go after getting out from prison was alone heartbreaking, her death and her last conversation with kang sae-byeok just added up to that and almost left me crying
    the scene if her death is easily my favorite scene in the whole movie

  17. Mannnn she joined after young adult matters and now she in squid game making me cry once again can’t she just get a happy ending once

  18. But who was 240 before the tug of war? You just NEVER see her in the background or something, only her picture on the digital map. How she could survived the mass of death after 2th game? She doesn't looks like a fighter to me. So who was her? Her character was so fine and also give so much question to me. But i like her, she's really underated.

  19. This episode was the peak of the show. I cried like a baby.

  20. They are now chilling and having drinks on Jeju Island 😢

  21. I think Sae-Byeok never actually died. I feel like the motivation Ji-Yeong gave her, boosted Sae-Byeok’s determination to win for her. Although it is a slim chance, considering Sae-Byeok got stabbed (by a glass shard at the end of glass bridge and stabbed again by Sang-Woo before the commence of the last game), I just have a feeling she somehow escaped from being cremated by the guards, or maybe the guards helped her escape for some odd reason – that would be a great plot twist if there ever was a series two of Squid Game. This isnt my original theory btw, lots of people share this theory and I doubt people know who originated this theory, but I agree with it nevertheless.

  22. I appreciate the warning! I apologize for leaving but still gave a like!

  23. maybe we should stop looking at series characters in such an extremely complex way and just watch the series as much as we understand it, turn off netflix and go back to our real lives

  24. Lol goddammit- this whole episode man😂😭💖

  25. 30:10 Here Ji-yeong also very interestingly chose the name that North Koreans use to refer to the South (Nam-joseon), instead of the name South Koreans use (Dae Han Minguk)

  26. This video is so sad😭😭😭 I'm alright🥱

    Now Sae-Byeok and Ji-yeong can go to Jeju Island together, in Heaven😌

  27. Thanks for the heads-up at the start. Selfless of you and I thank you. Tuning out.

  28. Episode 5 and 6 were like building an empire and burning it down almost immediately.

  29. I think she's one of the most well written characters next to Sang-Woo even

  30. How tragic to find the one thing that could keep you alive in a death game

  31. I think it’s also interesting to note the Christ parallels of selflessly giving up your life for someone who may or may not deserve it. She is more close to godliness than her father who was a preacher.

  32. I like your detail and care for a show lmao idk it went that deep 😂😂😂

  33. I think it's a crime that Ji-yeong went to prison for what she did, in light of what was done to her and her mother. The system failed to protect her. She's another witness to how corrupt the system is. She clearly has so much good in her. She did not need to be locked away for defending herself.

  34. I appreciate this video so much. The first time I watched Squid Game, Ji-yeong and Sy-Byeok’s connection hit me so deeply, I had to take a break from completing the show so I could process what it meant to me. It’s possibly the most beautiful moment of human connection I’ve ever seen in media. Ji-yeong’s sacrifice, and her peace with accepting it, then with her final minutes, she spends the time building that bond with Sy-Byeok is a complicated emotional experience. It is absolutely heart wrenching, yet stunningly beautiful with its inspiration of hope and salvation. This is genuine empathy and compassion, a moment steeped with vulnerable love, a reason to believe the world may be hard, but the love found within it can be worth the struggles. Ji-yeong gave Sy-Byeok the gift of truly being seen by someone, the ability to be genuinely herself, vulnerable and trusting with another human being without fearing an ulterior motive or harm. Ji-Yeong also showed Sy-Byeok that her genuine self is someone that deserves to be loved, and her that her life has value and purpose. It’s taken me a lifetime so far to learn many of the lessons Ji-Yeong is expressing. She’s been my favourite character since the first time I saw that episode.

    I feel I saw this scene as a dramatic embodiment of an experience of my own regarding a friendship that saved me from my own darkness as well. Most of my life I had never experienced a truly genuine friendship. The kind of friend you can count on always, even if you’re not physically present. The friend that never lets you down, the person you can be most vulnerable with, the most genuinely you that you can be, the person who defines the meaning of trust for you. I had never truly had that. I had friends, but there was never anyone that I could honestly say wouldn’t turn on me to save themselves from whatever difficult situation they deemed important enough to sacrifice our friendship. It didn’t help that a vicious rumour at school made me the town target for extremely severe bullying. I’ve experienced friends I was close with my whole life up to that point turning on me to protect themselves from getting the same psychological torture and violence as I did. Only one person was true to our friendship and did her best to stand beside me. I trusted her deeply. I was there for the death of her father, and then her mother. I was her first phone call for every emergency. We were family. And then My own Dad died, and she never appeared at any of his services. I waited for her. I needed her. Finally I discover she’s blocked my #, and she’s blocked me from every other method of communicating. She’s just gone. I lost my father, and the only friend I ever trusted that day. That betrayal was a defining moment for me. I became like Sy-Byeok. I found absolutely no hope in humanity. Between death and betrayal, I saw no purpose to this life. I moved across the country to be closer to my Mom after that. I had nothing left back home. I started a new career, and I met this awfully bossy girl that I had to work in really close proximity with all day long. We did not get along at all. It felt like she was ready to challenge everything I said, and hated it when I did anything my own way, and not hers. I legitimately thought she was a mean girl. I went away for training for a month, working with a different group of people where everyone got along well, and the happy environment felt so good. I didn’t want to go home, and back to working in a negative environment with this girl. So upon return, I asked her if she would be willing to talk and try to work through some differences. She agreed and a manager mediated our first chat. We discovered at that point that we had completely misunderstood each others reasons for certain behaviours. Ultimately we were just intimidated by each other, and we had completely opposite personalities, her an extrovert, and me an introvert. We found it difficult to understand each other at first, but during that first talk we realized we actually had far more in common then we realized. We kept talking in the following days, and then hanging out after work. We quickly realized that our opposite traits could balance each other, lend each other our strengths, and built the most genuine friendship I’ve ever known from there. She’s the furthest thing from a mean person. She would do whatever it takes to help me find happiness, and she has. She’s pulled me back from the abyss countless times with her truly genuine desire to show love in the world over the last 10yrs. She inspires me every day that life is worth living, and that my genuine self is worthy of love to someone. I don’t have to pretend to be anything other then me with her, and I never have to worry that she won’t protect me if she feels the need, even if I’m not present, she’s going to stand up for me. This is a friendship I will carry the rest of my life. I can’t imagine it without her. She’s inspired me to be that kind of friend to. I am always striving to be the friend that I needed, but never had. A friend like her, that can see a person for who they truly are and love them for it. I try to pay this gift she’s given me forward. I’ve built a little family of genuine people that I love, and love me too. I’ve found the connections I most needed to survive this life, and make the most of it. And it’s because she showed me how. Ji-Yeong is so much like her. It’s hard to separate my friend from her character when I watch the show. She represents a purity of soul for me. Her loss was the most tragic moment in the entire show for me. She’s the most underrated symbolic character in the show and most media, while also being the most powerful one.

  35. i know that this video is about Ji-Yeong so it makes sense that all the comments are about her, but i just want to say thank you for the bit at the beginning. mental health truly is more important than anything and im glad i was able to re-find this video after a few months. im in a lot better of a place now and i was able to truly enjoy this, where i wouldn't have been able to when i first found it a while ago. so thank you

  36. This is just a movie guys. Not real, these actors are alive and well.

  37. That is so deep and when I watched it for the first time I was shook!! Wow!

  38. Wai wai wai wai wait
    If Sae-Byeok's mom is in North Korea so that means she is a North Korean?

  39. Why tf u talkin like Shakespeare in the beginning?

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